Supervisors approve transfer site increase for much of Plumas

By Victoria Metcalf

[email protected]


Some Plumas County residents who self-haul solid waste to a transfer station can expect just over a 7 percent rate increase.

After hearing a brief presentation from representatives of USA Waste of California, known locally as Feather River Disposal, members of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors approved a 7.29 percent rate increase. This is for county transfer station activities in Quincy, Greenville, Chester and La Porte.


Waste company reps explained this request is by a report and recommendations from the Department of Public Works. According to law, supervisors hosted a public meeting at 1 p.m. during the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors Tuesday, July 20.

No public comments were received either in the meeting in the supervisors’ chambers or through Zoom.

In background discussion, former Director of Plumas County Public Works Bob Perreault recommended a 3.30 percent rate increase for commercial collection within regular communities with a transfer site. That recommendation came June 16, 2020. That rate increase covered residential and self-haul customers.

On March 15, Feather River Disposal submitted an audited financial statement for the period ending with the calendar year Dec. 31, 2020. Public Works staff then reviewed the statement and sent it to the county’s solid waste consultant, R3 Consulting Group. The document was sent with a request that R3 apply the refuse rate increase procedure established in April 2017. At that time it was determined the Feather River Disposal was entitled to a rate increase of 2.46 percent based on operational cost increases. It was determined that the 2.33 percent rate increase was spread over five years.


Plumas County Counsel then agreed to a 2.55 percent increase in franchise fees paid by the local waste company. That went into effect Jan. 1, 2019 and was in accordance with Proposition 218.

The cumulative fee increase for the 7.29 was reviewed the county’s Integrated Waste Management Task Submitted in late May. On July 1 the solid waste division with public works, complied with requirements under Proposition 13. And more recently current Public Works Director John Mannle presented the request to supervisors.