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Supervisors look toward economic development

The Plumas County Board of Supervisors has endorsed a plan for economic development in the county. John Steffanic, the fairgrounds manager and member of the county’s economic development committee, presented strategies to the board Nov. 14 that would help facilitate economic development in the county.

Steffanic presented five strategies that the county could implement to improve the  county’s economic development.

“We have not really had a direction for economic development,” said Steffanic.

He explained that in 2003 the county developed a very extensive plan that has not been fully utilized.

“This one was very comprehensive, but like all the others, nothing ever came from it,” said Steffanic.

The Committee for Economic Development was formed in 2016 and took segments from the 2003 plan to focus on strategies to stimulate economic growth. The committee also established a new mission statement for economic growth: “We want individuals and/or businesses that can offer growth, higher wages and potential jobs to relocate to Plumas County. The increased number of these relocations are expected to create direct increases in jobs with better than average wages, creating greater spendable income to support the local community.”

With that mission in mind, Steffanic said the committee would focus on five aspects for immediate action that do not require expansive resources. The areas of focus are special events/lead generation, creating a contact point for potential customers, improved customer service, creation of a concierge process for potential customers and follow recommendations from the 2003 plan as finances allow.

For special events and leads, the committee will meet with local chambers of commerce to familiarize them with existing economic development strategies and updated efforts. The committee will also create a fact/sales summary that can be inserted into existing Plumas County brochures.

The focus of the committee’s strategies is to improve customer service countywide. Creating a contact point would offer immediate responses to inquiries about the county, which is complemented with a concierge service that can help relocating businesses understand the county’s processes for businesses.

“It does no good if people who want to move here are not treated like they are wanted,” said Steffanic.

Steffanic volunteered a phone line at the Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds to be the first contact point for interested parties.

“When they do call, I’m the guy who answers,” said Steffanic. “So at least at this point, you know that you have a real promoter of Plumas County who can answer the phone and at least make that initial positive contact.”

With little discussion, the board unanimously voted to approve the strategy.

2 thoughts on “Supervisors look toward economic development

  • This topic has been a thorn in my side for years. Starting when the Tourism office was defunded and closed. I will offer one small doable idea to the county.
    The High Sierra Music Festival has a lot of heavy hitters in the the tech industry who attend every year. Why not partner with the Festival. As they are heavily invested/interested in the continuance of the festival, they will be eager to please the county. Ask them to add a section on their web page addressing our desire to attract new businesses and industry. Set up meetings and tours with those who express interest and have a nicely prepared booth at the festival to attract others. Don’t discount this crowd. It is a once a year and very unique opportunity/time.

  • Ill believe it when I see it. Lack of follow through seems to be the norm. More locals have been contributing more to bring tourism back than the board. They couldnt even use there positions to help the PCS not have to go to school in a store front next year. I am sure people really want to locate somewhere that a school option doesn’t even have a play ground. Full of excuses in all aspects.

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