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Supervisors select new people for Emergency Medical Care Committee

Supervisor Sherrie Thrall agreed to replace former Supervisor Michael Sanchez as the board of supervisors’ member on the Plumas County Emergency Medical Care Committee. That decision was made at the regular meeting Tuesday, Sept. 17.

Thrall served as the alternate in the past. Supervisor Kevin Goss volunteered to become the new alternate.

Sam Blesse announced the entities and personnel who make up the committee membership.

They include Chester Fire Department with Chris Dean and alternate Brian Layne, and Peninsula Fire Department with Gary Pini and alternate Andrew Courtright.

Indian Valley Ambulance Services Authority has Guy McNett as the primary contact and Amy Burkhardt as alternate.

Plumas District Hospital Ambulance has Blesse as primary contact and Matt Brown as alternate.

Eastern Plumas Health Care Ambulance’s primary person is John DeArmund with Patty Schulz as alternate.

Seneca Healthcare District is Royce Raker as primary and Linda Mcurdy as alternate.

Plumas District Hospital’s primary person is Darren Beatty and alternate is Zoe Stancer.

Eastern Plumas Health Care has a vacancy for the primary position and DeeDee Clark is alternate.

Plumas County Fire Chiefs’ Association is Joe Waterman with Robbie Cassou as alternate.

Mike Grant is primary and Becky Grant an alternate for the Plumas County Sheriff’s Association.

Dr. Mark Satterfield is the primary and Tina Venable, RN, PHN is the alternate for the Plumas County Public Health Officer.

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