Supervisors’ vote on tourism spending serves to confuse many

By Victoria Metcalf

[email protected]

The celebration in the Board of Supervisors’ chambers turned out to be short lived this afternoon for those advocating for tourism in Plumas County. It had appeared that a 3-2 vote allocating $55,000 to three local chambers of commerce was a victory, but during the recess called following the vote, it was learned that 3-2 wasn’t enough.

With four-fifths vote needed to remove money from the Plumas County budget, a second request to fund three local Chambers of Commerce with $55,000, went down to defeat at the regular meeting of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors Tuesday, June 15.


Supervisors Dwight Ceresola and Jeff Engel cast the dissenting votes on a motion made by Supervisors Greg Hagwood to fund Chambers through the busy summer months. Hagwood recommended that funding come from the county’s remaining general funds.

Traditionally before a roll call vote requiring a four-fifths vote to pass, would be indicated before the vote by the clerk to the Board of Supervisors. The chairperson to the board could explain that requirement, in this case Engel, or County Counsel Gretchen Stuhr could have explained.

When a vote showing a simple majority and no explanation of the requirements regarding using budget funding, members representing the Lost Chamber of Commerce thought they carried the day, winning with assenting votes from Hagwood, Kevin Goss and Sherrie Thrall. Thrall voted against a proposal two weeks ago when Richard Aiple, general manager of Nakoma Resort and a representative of Lost Sierra Chamber of Commerce, requested $200,000 to support the chambers in their efforts to bring more tourism to Plumas County.

Following a five-minute recess, Stuhr explained the fourth-fifth roll call vote legal requirements.