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Take a look at FRC’s Book in Common

By Debra Moore

[email protected]

Looking for something to read this winter? You could try “All We Can Save,” which is this year’s Feather River College Book in Common.

English Professor Chris Connell discussed the book during the FRC Board of Trustees’ meeting Dec. 9. Connell explained that the selection committee — which is comprised of anyone who is interested, but usually consists of the English department, a few other faculty members, college President Kevin Trutna and Dean of Instruction Derek Lerch  — meet to discuss the options.

“We throw out different themes and what may be on people’s radars,” Connell said. He added that the book must be interesting; it can’t be too long, and it has to speak to students, staff and the community. The committee tries to select a book that will generate discussion and can be used in a variety of class settings.

“All We Can Save” is a collection of essays representing many different perspectives on the climate crisis.

Connell said that the book takes a new approach because rather than looking at science and the causes of global warming, it looks at consequences and responses. What can we do as individuals and a society? What can we do to live with it? Who bears the brunt of the crisis?

“It’s been called a hopeful book,” Connell said. It’s a book that looks at a new way of dealing with the realities of climate change, as well as trying to understand what must be done next.

Connell noted that the authors and editors are women, which was intentional – not only because there are many women working in the field and it serves to highlight their work, but on a global level, women and children will be disproportionately affected by climate change because of their socio-economic status. Women also tend to emphasize community and form coalitions to confront issues, he said. The last couple of chapters address various solutions.

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