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Taking a close look at the Indian Valley Chamber’s activities and its leadership

How important is it for a community’s well-being to have organizations such as a Chamber of Commerce? Or for any town to have a community, non-profit or philanthropic group exist? I believe it is extremely important.

Over the past decade we in Indian Valley have seen an enormous decline in active members of organizations such as Greenville Rotary, Greenville Masonic Lodge, Taylorsville Grange Hall, Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce and American Legion Post 568 of Greenville. Also the decline is apparent in the Indian Valley Rec & Park District, Indian Valley Riding & Roping Club, Greenville Cy Hall Memorial Museum and on and on. All of these groups one step from folding at one time or another. And sadly the Taylorsville Grange and Greenville Masonic Lodge already have. Why is this? Much of this is due to the generation that prided themselves in being involved in their communities are passing away. Generations now get their social fill on social media. Yet that’s not very social at all. Everyone wants to know what everyone is doing at any given moment of the day. But to get a good turnout at a community barbeque is almost impossible. No, for that passing generation social interaction was a big part of small town life. Now it seems social media runs our lives.

We take for granted the value of these groups. And we take for granted what they have always given to a community. The Greenville Masonic Lodge was always a great place for breakfast once a month or on special occasions. Their famous “Giggs Dinner” on St. Patrick’s Day and Pancake Breakfast on Gold Diggers is now all but gone. The use of their facility for a wedding, funeral, party or other event is now unavailable. Another public gathering space in town that comes to mind hopes to one day have a commercial kitchen at their facility and yet the Masonic Hall sits shuttered with a great kitchen inside.

The current and aging board of the Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce has always felt that putting on a party is one of the best ways to get people into our beautiful valley. This way of thinking is by far the “norm” for a Chamber of Commerce. Usually, according to Google … a Chamber of Commerce focuses on “business networking where the goal is to further the interests of businesses. Business owners in towns and cities form these local societies to advocate on behalf of the business community.” At the state level, California Chamber seems to focus more on labor law and happenings at the Capitol these days than anything else. Now that’s not to say that the board members of the Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce are not connected to local county and regional government. They make sure to stay connected to the Plumas County Board of Supervisors and with organizations such as the Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association. And they make sure to advocate for small business and keep our voices heard when the concern is for local business.

But the party doesn’t happen without your involvement. Not only is it your attendance that is needed at the party, but it is your participation in the running of the organizations themselves to make sure the party is a success that is even more needed.

There is always a lot going on in Indian Valley. I encourage everyone to get involved. Find out when boards meet and attend. Find out how you can volunteer and get involved. Make sure to be in the picture and not just an observer of the picture once it hits Facebook.

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