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Teachers honored during April school board meeting

Principals honoring students, and teachers acknowledging their peers, led off the April meeting of the Plumas Unified School District and County Office of Education board held in Portola.

As is the monthly custom, principals at the local schools honored an elementary school student and a high school student.  C. Roy Carmichael Principal Melissa Leal singled out sixth-grader Avery Eckenroad for acknowledgement, while Portola High School Principal Sara Sheridan selected 11th-grader Jade Gardner.

Plumas County Teacher Association President Darryl Hutchins introduced the WHOO awards – or We Honor our Own. Hutchins said he opened the nomination process to all teachers.

WHOO recipients and nominees:

  • Wendy Mau (CRC in Portola), by Carlena Braun (Chester Elementary School)
  • Amanda Osburn, by Tanya Hutchins. (Portola High School)
  • Katlin Brubaker, by Kristen Marquette (CRC in Portola)
  • Nancy Sipe, by Helene Lemnah (Quincy Elementary School)

Chester Elementary School teacher Carlena Braun said she nominated Wendy Mau, who teaches at C. Roy Carmichael in Portola, because of her willingness to share great tips. “Many things she created are now used district wide,” Braun said.

Portola High School teach Tanya Hutchins said she nominated Osburn because of her dedication and friendly rapport.

Kristen Marquette recognized opportunity teacher Katlin Brubaker. Marquette said that Brubaker supports all C. Roy Carmichael teachers and that she has a calm demeanor and can de-escalate any problem.

Helene Lemnah nominated second-grade teacher and reading specialist Nancy Sipe for her remarkable work with students.

Let us wear hats

A Portola High School junior addressed the board during public comment. “Why am I not allowed to wear hats?” he asked. The student said he has attended a number of schools and this is the first location with a no-hat policy. “Hats are a freedom of expression,” he said, and by taking away that option, it makes student less happy and willing to learn. He added that they are needed for “heat or a bad hair day.” The student also read excerpts from research that he has done on the topic.

Greenville High School

Former Greenville teacher and administrator Kest Porter addressed the board regarding Greenville High School. After attending two meetings that focused on the new agriculture-based curriculum for the school, Porter said he is hopeful that enough resources will be pooled so that a comprehensive education can be provided for those students who wish to go to college. He said that 36 percent of Greenville High graduates attend college. “Please understand that our kids want to go to college,” he said.

So many visits

Plumas County Teacher Association President Darryl Hutchins announced that he had completed his latest round of visiting all schools in the district. He estimated that he visited 70 to 80 classrooms this year and has 74 pages of notes to cipher. “There are so many examples of excellent teaching in the district,” he said.

Meeting date changes

Due to conflicts in schedules, the May and July meetings will be held one week later than the normal schedule: May 17 and July 19.

The board also adopted a new science textbooks for seventh through 12th grade, reviewed the latest facilities upgrades, approved field trips and accepted donations.

The next meeting of the school board is Wednesday, May 17, at 4 p.m. at Chester Elementary School.

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