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A common site for those entering Chester from the east. On March 7 the snow berms are as high as a larger SUV and there are only so many opportunities to turn across Main Street if you want a store on the opposite side.  Photos by Gregg Scott

Ten days of storm and more to come – how it looks in the Almanor Basin

Photos by Gregg Scott

Even with some inconveniences there is always a silver lining in the for of beautiful winter scenes. This shot of the Bidwell House during a break in the storm is about as picturesque as it gets.
The March 7 lull in the storm at least gives a chance for Main Street to melt off the snow packed surface and you can still see the Holiday Market sign above the piles of snow from their parking lot, but as the next photo shows…
… you had better be very cautious when you make the turn across the highway into the market.  The berms down the middle of the street are around six to eight feet high and only very tall vehicles can be seen in advance.   There have been numerous ‘close-calls’ at the turn-through  cutouts for people who lack a little patience.

Here is a normal scene traveling down any given residential street. Most of the garages and carports you see look more like snow caves as you travel by. The new concern for many of the homeowners now is trying to decide if their roofs are going to need shoveling.

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