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Quincy High School is well represented by a host of players on the court. From left, Coach Nathan Trumbo, Nick Caiazzo, Will Ross, Sabrina Walmer, Krystina Oravetz, Nick Farnsworth, Alison Hicks, Tristan McMichael, Chloe Emmot and Coach DJ Davis. Photo by Leslie Edlund

Tennis season finishes

The tennis championships in Redding on May 15 signaled the end of high school team competition.

Chloe Emmot, left, and Tristan McMichael are mixed doubles partners, and best friends. Photo by Amber McMichael

The Quincy High School tennis team volleyed and smashed its way to a second-place finish in the Shasta Cascade League Championships on May 14and 15.

Quincy players tallied up wins during both their singles and doubles matches, with some grueling competition in the Redding heat.

“Nick Farnsworth and Will Ross racked up enough wins to move on to finals on Tuesday where they took first place in doubles, defeating Downieville 6-2, 2-6, and 6-3,” said Leslie Edlund, Ross’ mom.

After the tournament, Quincy head tennis coach DJ Davis reflected, “It has been an honor to coach such an amazing group of student athletes. They worked hard, had fun and gave it their all throughout every point, game, match and practice this year. They overcame challenges and improved their game with every swing of their racket. I am so proud of what they have accomplished this year and I can’t wait to see what they will accomplish next season.”

The championships were held at Shasta College in Redding with teams from Etna, Paradise, Downieville, Dunsmuir and Mt. Shasta in attendance.

The experience for the players was interesting. Freshman Tristan McMichael is playing on the team for his first year after playing with the Recreation Department summer clinics for two years. “I like how social it is,” said McMichael. “It is fun to meet new people.”

Junior Chloe Emmot and McMichael play as mixed doubles partners. “Chloe is not only really good at tennis, she is my best friend,” McMichael said of Emmot. “I loved playing on a doubles team called ‘Jello Nation’ this year,” said McMichael. “We make a great team, it is Chloe Emmot and I.”

Emmot has been playing for three years and says what she likes most is, “the supportive atmosphere.” The young athlete says she is most inspired by “DJ Davis, he’s been a great friend and coach to me these past few years.” said Emmot. “Everyone is so supportive, we’re like family; we have fun.”

Freshman Nick Caiazzo has been playing tennis for “about four years” and it is one of his favorite sports because he can play whenever he wants, have fun and also be competitive.

Caiazzo says he thinks tennis will be a great hobby when he gets older. “I have been playing tennis for years with one of my best friends, Eli. We practiced all through the summer learning new skills along the way.” This is Caiazzo’s first year on the QHS tennis team. “I loved the experience because it is lots of fun, but also because I learned a lot of new skills,” said Caiazzo. “I will definitely continue to play throughout high school.”

Will Ross, left, and Nick Farnsworth are a winning pair May 15. Photo by Leslie Edlund

Sophomore athlete William Ross played on the team for two seasons. “The best part of playing tennis is playing someone who is better than you,” said Ross. “It makes you improve much more and it feels better when you win.” Ross is motivated by “my coaches, teammates, and my competition inspire me most when I play tennis.” Ross feels like this year he improved “so much and I would like to say thank you to my coaches.”

Freshman Sabrina Walmer has done very well in QHS sports playing soccer and competing on the ski team this year. She is a newcomer on the tennis scene as she started playing at the beginning of the 2018 season. Walmer is inspired by her teammates and coaches. “I like the traveling and playing against other teams while making friends with them,” said Walmer. “I also like all of our spectacular practices that keep the team upbeat.”

Senior Alison Hicks said, “I’ve played tennis for all four years of high school and look forward to playing in the future.” Hicks really enjoys getting outdoors, exercising and “having fun!” She likes the community that is formed within the team, “practices are a blast!” said Hicks. “I enjoy the sportsmanship involved in tennis; everyone wants to play their best game but a fair game.”

The “old man” on the court is senior Nick Farnsworth who says he has been playing for 10-plus years. What he likes best about tennis? “Playing and winning.”

Nick Caiazzo loves playing tennis at Quincy High. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

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