Thankful to the community as we remember Jadyn

There are no words to truly express how thankful we are to our friends, family and members of this community.
We wanted to take the time to thank a few amazing establishments  who helped us set up our beautiful daughter, Jadyn Marie Barker’s memorial:  Feather River Publishing, Grey’s Flower Garden, C.H.P., Plumas County Sheriff’s Office, Quincy Fairgrounds Staff, Wild Hare Sign, and our local Safeway Floral department. We also wanted to thank everyone who was able to attend the memorial, and also those who wished to be there but couldn’t and sent their regards. Apart from the memorial we wanted to thank Blair’s Mortuary for being so considerate and kind in this time of immense sorrow. We have received many messages regarding how our sweet girl Jadyn touched countless lives, and it amazes us how much of a light she was in this world to so many. And she will truly be missed forevermore.
Thank you again, The Barkers
“Intelligent, independent, loving, funny, courageous, resilient, honest, beautiful, strong, artistic, fierce, these are just a few of the many facets that made Jadyn the precious diamond she was and always will be. Jadyn’s personality was amazing to say the least, but what’s even more amazing were the things Jadyn stood for: fairness, equality, to not judge others, and freedom to be who you are no matter how different it may be from the people around you, but most importantly Jadyn was not afraid to be Jadyn, one of the most amazing people I have ever met.”
-Brad Rice
Jadyns Cousin