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The Lake Almanor Community Church main auditorium is filled with a rapt audience as the students of LACS present moments in history by way of skits.  Here on the far right are grades 2 thru 4 with a look back to the original Thanksgiving. Photo by Gregg Scott

Thanking and feasting at Lake Almanor Christian School

By Gregg Scott

Staff Writer

For over a decade (sans Covid), the Lake Almanor Christian School (LACS) has been using the Thanksgiving season to recognize and thank the donors that have played a vital role in keeping the school in operation. It has been dubbed “The Thanksgiving Feast.” On Nov. 18, the event took place in the main auditorium at Lake Almanor Community Church, with a crowd made up of donors and student families filling the room set up for a hundred people.

The 32 students who attend LACS were divided into three grade groups for the program. First on the program agenda was a depiction of the great flood and the animals entering Noah’s Ark by the students in the Tk – first Grade.  The students dressed in animal costumes got a standing ovation for their cuteness and performance. Next was a historical skit showing the pilgrims first year and Thanksgiving at Plymouth Colony. These second- through fourth-graders could easily be mistaken for true pilgrims with their traditional costumes.  The fifth through tenth-graders spread out around the room dressed as historical or celebrity figures and asked the audience to come around and listen to their bios and guess who they were portraying.

The finale for the afternoon was, of course, the Thanksgiving Feast. School Principal Cecilia Allin, noted that the entire meal was prepared by the students, with a little adult supervision of course. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and cornbread were the fare with pumpkin dessert as well.

The LACS grades TK through first sort of stole the show, so to speak, as they enter Noah’s Ark just as the rain starts to come down from above.  One senior adult commented, “I’ve never seen cuter animals in my life.” Photo by Gregg Scott
There were lots and lots of smiles as the crowd filed through the food line. The student-prepared feast was a hit with all attending.  A great way to kick off the holiday season. Photo by Gregg Scott

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