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Thanks for coverage of forum

Thank you for your coverage of the candidate forum on April 20th. The choice for voters in the District 5 supervisorial election is now crystal clear.

These have been trying times, and it is important that we fortunate residents of Plumas County have quality leadership going forward.

Like death and taxes for individuals,  growth and change are inescapable realities for communities. It is the pace and type of growth we nurture that will determine the quality of life for ourselves and our children. Speaking as someone who has had a real estate license for several decades and still has one, I would caution those of you who cherish Plumas County and our special blessings to vote for any realtor. Yes, several of them are swell people. However, most of them are advocates of rampant development, rapid growth and change. Simply put, more people mean more commissions, more dollars in realtor’s pockets. Let’s look at the ideas put forth at the candidate forum. The realtor candidate endorses:

Advertise the County, make a large investment in marketing.  Property and TOT tax should go towards tourism. Form and pay for a grant writing department.

Fund a train to bring in tourists and commuters from Reno Nevada.

These are the types of ideas that, taken collectively and implemented with vigor, will ruin everything we residents hold dear in our beloved Plumas County.

If you are a fan of fast growth for short term profit and long term devastation, vote the realtor ticket.  You will, of course, get all the attendant crowds, noise, trash and crime. But what the heck, a handful of folks will get rich before they move on to greener pastures.

I am not a personal friend of Supervisor Jeff Engel, never sat down with him for a meal. But I have called him a handful of times over the last several years when I had concerns about one issue or another. Every single time I have called, he has responded promptly and taken the time to go over my concerns. That is important, and rare. In conversation after conversation, Supervisor Engel has shown a deep grasp of the issues, fiscal prudence, and, that least common and perhaps most important of all public service attributes, good old common sense. If you love Plumas County as we all do, please join me and my family as we vote to retain Supervisor Engel.

Thank You,

Stan Thompson, Graeagle

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