For today, fishing produces fish for Johanes Hourula.

The art of fly-fishing goes far beyond rod and reel

A fisherman, Johanes Hourula of Oakland, spends a day out with guide Jack Trout on the Upper Klamath, “Got one!” Photos by Jack Trout

A close look at the artwork of a well-tyed fly for fly fishing quickly reveals talented attention to detail. “Now’s the time of year when a fly tyer spins his magic, stone flies and egg patterns or as Steelhead fly fishermen refer to them: Steak and Eggs,” said fishing guide Jack Trout.

Here is a list of reasons Mr. Trout shared of why he enjoys this favorite pastime so much.

Why I enjoy fly tying and fly fishing in North California

1) I learn entomology.

2) I learn what bird and animal materials help make flies that work in our region. (I realized I was a sick puppy when I learned taxidermy, how to tan hides and look for road kill.)


3) It’s relaxing and fun.

4) I tie bugs that catch fish, I will never starve.

5) It’s art.

6) I save money not buying flies.

7) For college kids who study, they can tie flies in the dorms and get ready for their next adventure with parents and friends.

8) Learning hobbies like fly fishing is super popular right now and it’s a great sport to take up with a partner as there is no gender bias whether fly fishing or fly tying.

An enviable array of tasty-looking tidbits are available onboard to lure fishermen to the rod and prey to the hook.

9) The sport takes me to the best locations on Earth.

10) It is another dimension of fishing to add to an arsenal of knowledge.

11) Hobbies are important for personal growth.

12) Learning and exploring new areas of our region is good for mental and physical health.


13) I create something special and unique that is one of the most important things I can do as a human being.

14) It’s less painful for me when clients lose them in the trees.

15) The secret of life is how I affect others in a positive way. Protecting our resources and cherishing our national forests and rivers is very important to me, they’re all we’ve got.

At the bench, it’s Jack Trout.