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The first step in the road to fire recovery

By Ken Donnell

Special to Plumas News

Like any long journey, the road to recovery from disaster begins with a first step.  This is true for every individual, and for communities as a whole.

Such an important first step was taken yesterday in Quincy when the first day of a three-day “Local Assistance Center” (LAC) event began at the old Plumas Probation building on 1446 East Main St.(next to the Sheriff’s Office).  This LAC is a “one stop disaster relief and recovery event,” with over 20 public and private agencies present to help fire refugees, evacuees, and others impacted by local wildfires.  Anyone so impacted by local wildfires should make every effort to attend.

Lead organizer for this LAC event is Jennifer Langston, whose regular assignment is code enforcement for Plumas County. Jennifer was given the assignment to organize this LAC event this past Monday, Aug. 2.  Jennifer clearly made a near superhuman effort to pull together, in only three days, the many government agencies and non-profit groups who specialize in helping persons severely impacted by disasters.  Having attended similar events in the past where the wait was long, the process was impersonal, and the information received was marginal, this LAC event organized by Jennifer is the complete opposite. This LAC event now happening in Quincy is relaxed, friendly, well organized, and with highly accurate & helpful information.  Plus there are some immediate relief supplies available, such as snack food & water, and other simple disaster relief and recovery gear.

Attending this event yesterday felt like receiving a warm Plumas county embrace, and probably because Jennifer is a Plumas native.  Jennifer grew up in Portola, and is a Y2K graduate of Portola High School.  Jennifer  happily shared her big secret for the success so obviously present at this LAC event, “keep it simple.”.

Jennifer says that plans are already in progress to create a virtual LAC event for those persons who cannot travel to Quincy.  Plus, there may be  similar follow-up LAC events in Quincy or other parts of Plumas County.  Stay tuned to plumasnews.com for updates about this current LAC event, and other LAC events to follow in the near future.




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