John Crotty and Kate Anderson have luck fishing Almanor Jan. 24 catching rainbow and brown trout slow trolling crawlers on the south end of the lake near Canyon Dam. Photo submitted

The fishing is good between storms

Compiled by Mari Erin Roth

Lake Almanor

This week’s report is all about the weather. We are finally going to see some significant snow at lake level. Depending on which weather app is used, the area could see anywhere between four and six feet of snow over the next week, with snow in the forecast everyday for at least the next seven days. Lake Almanor forecasted low temp over the next seven days is 10 degrees and the predicted high for the week is 37 (Thursday and Friday). Travel in and out of Plumas County will be difficult at best.


Lake level continues to rise slowly and water clarity remains unchanged at 6-10 feet, yesterday water temp was 38.5 degrees when we launched warming to 39.5 by noon. There were at least 20 people fishing around the coves by the dam Sunday, Jan. 23, with a few guys fishing out of kayaks with not many nets going out. “We picked up a few fish slow trolling gulp minnows and crawlers, we caught fish early on the surface and down to 25’ on the wire when the wind kicked up,” said John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association.

With the weather change we will see improvement in shore fishing around the dam as mature fish should move into the coves in search of food. “If/when boats get back on the water I recommend beginning your day right off the Canyon Dam boat ramp and fish up to the houses along the East shore and to Fox Farm along the West,” said Crotty.

During significant snow events the Canyon Dam boat ramp may not be cleared for a few days. There won’t be much fishing taking place on Almanor for at least the next week, but as is usual, it’s suggested to call ahead to check road and launching conditions.

Lake Davis


Jeanne Graham at J&J Grizzly Store reports that fishermen say they are getting bites mostly on nightcrawlers. “Most (fish reported) were caught in the dam area, usually one or two each in a couple of hours,” said Jeanne Graham. “Last weekend ice at the dam was reported to be 6 inches and at Coot Bay, 5 inches. “This is as reported by fishermen, not officially monitored,” said Jeanne.

Nights have been cold and there has been rain and less than an inch of snow.

The annual February Davis Lake derby is not a sure thing yet. Jeanne and Jim Graham are working with the Forest Service on the event. The “Maybe Ice Derby” is tentatively scheduled for Feb. 13. The Father’s Day Weekend Derby is still planned for June 19.

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