The Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce wants your opinion!


By Andrea Singer

[email protected]

  The Indian Valley Chamber is reaching out to the public for their opinion regarding the future temporary structure going up on Pine Street, by completing the survey and emailing it to the chamber, your voice will be heard at the July 10th meeting. 

  This lot is owned by the chamber and will be a temporary place to hold meetings, a hub for community gatherings, as well as a visitor/information center until a permanent building can be put on either Main Street or Crescent Street. The goal is to eventually sell this property to increase capital for the permanent building in the future. Due to high building costs, options are limited. 


  Option 1 is a metal 60 x 30 ft  building with covered awning; it would have a commercial kitchen (available to rent to chamber members), a meeting space (available to rent to chamber members), and a visitor center. The building front can be modified to fit the characteristics of what the community would like Greenville to look like such as a historical  facade, and will cost approximately $150,000.  Option 2 is two 10×12 sheds (non permitted), one to hold meetings and the other for storage, the cost coming in around $30,000. The 3rd option is 2 sheds, 18×20 and 10×12, one for meetings and the other for storage, costing $60,000. The chamber is open to hearing new ideas, but keep in mind there is a strict budget. 

  If you are a contractor willing to donate time or crew, the chamber would be most appreciative. The next meeting will be held at The Valley Grind on Monday, July 10 at 6 p.m. where they will be voting on how to move forward with the temporary building. The chamber encourages community members to attend. If you cannot make it feel free to reach out to the chamber to have your voice heard at [email protected]. 

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  • Option 1

    • Agreed. Option 1

  • Why would these buildings be for rent only to chamber members? If available to all I would vote 1

  • Option 1

  • Option 1 with historical front

  • So only chamber members can rent the kitchen?

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