The kittens need your support — here’s how you can help

It’s been awhile since our last newspaper posting and we have been busy caring for all our new kittens and our cats and our aging building.

With no county plan in place to curb the feral populations, Friends has had many, many calls about kittens from feral mothers. We have taken into care over 30 kittens this year and currently have eight lovely babies in the kitten room who are ready for new homes. Of our younger kittens who are all around 4 weeks old, five are in the back playroom still nursing on their mother and seven are in foster care. So we are caring and loving 19 babies and all our adults.

We continue to get calls about kittens needing homes on an almost daily basis. Friends has vouchers to help with the cost of spaying and neutering your animals and PAWS also has vouchers to help with the cost of altering cats. As of this morning the county Animal Shelter has no such program. Until the county can work with all the rescues and come up with a cohesive plan to spay and neuter this problem will only escalate yearly.

Meantime, our costs for caring, feeding, bottle formula and utility costs are mounting. Our water heater could use replacement, as could our carpeting. We have purchased a new washer as we have pushed the old one to its limit the last seven years — we need help financially.


In order to generate some much needed revenue volunteers will be offering tickets for a drawing called “A Day in Graeagle.” The prizes are absolutely wonderful and highlight the quaint town and all it has to offer. The winner of the drawing will win ALL of the following: a $50 gift certificate to Gumba’s Restaurant, two 1.5 hour horseback rides at Graeagle Stables of Gold Lake Stables (good thru 2020), 2 massages by Mountain High Massage in Graeagle, a $15 gift certificate for coffee and goodies at the Mill Works and 4 Frostee cones at Graeagle Frostee! This prize drawing is a fun time!

The drawing for the prize is Sept. 16 and tickets can be purchased at the Friends rescue site (2163 E. Main St. in Quincy) and are also available at Pet Country Feed ‘N Tack, Dr. Martin Sanford’s offices and by calling volunteers at 927-8057.

Cost is six tickets for $10 or $2 each. Please support our good work by purchasing some drawing tickets. Many of the prizes will make excellent gifts if you can’t use them yourself.

Many thanks for your support, encouraging words and donations. Please keep ’em coming! We have kittens to feed!


Friends of PC Animals is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation and all donations are tax deductible. No one in Friends gets a salary and no money is spent on administrative fees. Friends is not a county entity. Tax-deductible donations can be sent to Friends, PO Box 182, Quincy 95971 or brought to the site. Thank you for your continued support.