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The latest on Sheep Fire and evacuations Aug. 26

The Sheep Fire has burned 28,903 acres and is 3 percent contained as of Wednesday morning, according to the Forest Service. As of Tuesday night, nine residences were reported destroyed, one damaged and 2,000 had been threatened by the blaze.

“Crews worked throughout the night strengthening fire lines on the east and west flanks of the fire. On the east flank, crews worked to strengthen the fire line established yesterday. This line extends from Diamond Mountain Motorway to the escarpment and to the top of Diamond Mountain. The steepest part of that line is challenging crews who have to contend with falling snags and downhill rolling rocks. On the west flank, crews were able to establish line from Susanville to within two miles of the Roxie Peconom Road. Today, crews will continue to push south and southwest on that flank, towards the heel of the fire. Once that is complete, they will focus on the Willard Creek drainage. Today, crews will continue to secure and strengthen both flanks of the fire while providing structure protection,” read the morning update.

It will be mostly sunny today with mild temperatures and modest relative humidities. Winds will be terrain driven until early to mid-afternoon, and then will become generally southwest once again. It’s likely to become hotter and drier Thursday into the weekend with temperatures jumping 10 degrees for highs. Dry conditions will lead to bigger temperature ranges later this week into the weekend. Southeast flow Friday will bring a slight chance of slow moving thunderstorms. Otherwise, hot and dry will be the theme this weekend into early next week.

Sheep Fire evacuations and road closures

UPDATED as of 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 26 -This is a list of the evacuation orders and warnings the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office issued due to the Sheep Fire. This article will continue to be updated with information as it is received.

For questions about whether your address is under mandatory, warning, or lifted status,  call 316-4487. Dispatch has been flooded with calls that can better be answered by someone who isn’t also trying to answer emergency calls.

The following Mandatory Evacuation Orders are still in effect for the following areas:
• Susan Hills area from Gold Crest Lane to Bauer Road and including Bauer Road.
• Everything west of Elysian Valley Road and Wingfield Road including all connecting roads.
• Wingfield Road west to Bass Hill Road and all connecting roads in between.
• Cheney Creek Road and all roads accessed by Cheney Creek Road.

The following Evacuation Warnings are still in effect for the following areas:
• The Diane Drive Subdivision.
• Gem Drive, Pearl Circle, and all roads accessed by those roads.
• Both side of Gold Run Road west of Richmond Road including all roads accessed by Gold Run but NOT including Cheney Creek or Gold Crest Lane.
• Richmond Road and all roads accessed by Richmond Road from Hwy 395 to Pearl Circle including the subdivision accessed by Pearl Circle but NOT including the Susan Hills area from Gold Crest Lane to Bauer Road including Bauer Road which are still under mandatory order.
• Wingfield Road from Richmond Road to Old Archery Road.
• Sunnyside Road from Hwy 395 to County Road A-3.
• Everything West of Highway 395 from Richmond Road to Janesville Grade and all roads in between. Main Street Janesville from Highway 395 to Janesville Grade and all roads accessed by Main Street Janesville.
• Main Street Janesville from Highway 395 to Janesville Grade and all roads accessed by Main Street Janesville.

The following areas have been downgraded from an Evacuation Order to an Evacuation Warning:
• Bass Hill Road.
• Wingfield Road East from Bass Hill Road to Wingfield Road East NOT including Elysian Valley Road, Indians Road, Walking Stick Lane, or Wingfield Road from Bass Hill

The following Evacuation Warnings are lifted for the following areas:

• The north side of Highway 36 from Harris Drive west to Devil’s Corral and all roads accessed by Highway 36 including County Road A-1 to Lake Forest Estates.
• The south side of Johnstonville Road from the Intersection at Hwy 36 and Hwy 395 North to Airport Road.

Road Closures:
• Cheney Creek Road.
• Wingfield Road from Old Archery Road to Bass Hill Road.
• Elysian Valley Road.
• Richmond Road from Gold Run Road to Gem Drive.
• Forest Service Road 29N03 by Roxie Peconom Campground.

When evacuating, use caution and be courteous to your neighbors. Drive with your headlights on and yield to emergency personnel. Residents needing assistance evacuating are asked to call the non-emergency dispatch center at (530)257-6121.

If you are in need of shelter,  go to Lassen Community College Dormitories.

Large animals can be housed at the Lassen County Fairgrounds. Check in at the Fair office on Russell Drive first before 5pm. After 5pm, call the Emergency Shelter Line at (530)250-9088. Liability, feed, and care of large animals is the sole responsibility of the animal’s owner. Deputies will be going door to door to make notification.

The following are instructions for residents returning home:

1. Residents should be aware that changing conditions in fire activity may cause this area to escalate back to a mandatory evacuation order at any time. If you have evacuated large animals and vehicles, please keep them out of the area.
2. Please use caution, reduce your speed, drive with your headlights on and yield to emergency personnel.
3. Just because the flames are out doesn’t mean the danger is over. Damaged trees, structural damage, and flash flooding are just some of the dangers that exist after a wildfire. DO NOT put yourself or your loved ones in danger by exploring. Expect to see hotspots for some time. Do not call 911 to report unless there is an immediate threat to life or property.

(This page is updated as information is provided by the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office)

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