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The Left: “…filled with mock hysteria and outrage”

Letter to the editor:

Progressive hate has found its way to Plumas County. The left MUST silence, they can’t challenge ideas because their own ideology is intellectually and morally depleted.Infiltrate, regulate, investigate while claiming the higher moral ground even as they major in bias and corruption.

The political Left takes pride in its tolerance and acceptance. I have personally found the left to be the least tolerant and accepting entity in my lifetime.

What we find is these self-identified “progressives” are continually filled with mock hysteria and outrage.

They single out conservatives as evil, a familiar feeling to many Republicans in liberal hotbeds like California. Read the letters to the editor in the local newspaper praising Bernie Sanders and lamenting that his nomination was stolen — Sanders, a man who has praised Fidel Castro for his “literacy program,” complimented the USSR on their “youth engagement,” and said that breadlines are “a good thing.” One wonders what standards can possibly justify Plumas County leftist’s definition of “mainstream” political views and what justification they can come up with to condemn a conservative for anything.

Activists on the Left have deemed basic conservative ideas — capitalism, individualism, limited government — to be dangerous, even violent. Therefore, violence may be necessary against any who hold them on campus or on boards of education.

We should be celebrating diversity of thought in the same way we celebrate all other forms of diversity. Sharing unique experiences and offering varying viewpoints can only strengthen a community and college education. Who wants to go to a politically homogeneous school, where everyone accepts one ideology? Apparently, some of our leftist peers do.

Frank Stephens

Placerville, CA

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