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The Sheriff’s Blotter is back

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office. No individuals’ names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The following is a summary of the week’s activity from Nov. 30 to Dec. 6


  • 63 calls to 911
  • 37 requests for medical
  • 32 requests for fire assistance
  • 25 CHP reports
  • 22 requests for assistance
  • 21 suspicious incidents
  • 18 probation incidents
  • 12 disturbances reported
  • 10 civil reports
  • 8 citations issued
  • 7 welfare checks made
  • 6 calls to REMSA
  • 6 reports of vandalism
  • 5 reports to animal control
  • 5 requests for fish and wildlife
  • 5 addition patrol checks requested
  • 5 reports involving threats
  • 4 alarms reported
  • 4 deaths reported
  • 4 reports of theft
  • 4 reports to SIFC
  • 4 burglaries reported
  • 3 reports of fraud
  • 3 juvenile incidents
  • 3 reports to the USFS
  • 3 reports involving property



A man was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace. His mother called and said he was throwing things around the house and screaming. No weapons were involved.

Probation arrested a man who was charged with violating the terms of his probation.


Sunday, Dec. 6


No gone girlfriend: A caller explained that he asked his girlfriend to move out and she refused. A deputy contacted the reporting party and explained civil procedures.

Items stolen: A caller reported that someone stole a canoe, saw, wood splitter and wood from a shed that had belonged to her son.

Yelling people not understood: A caller reported that multiple people were in the street yelling loudly. The caller couldn’t understand what they were saying but it sounded like a disturbance. A second person reported that a man was yelling at her from an alley. The reporting party thought he was intoxicated and was very hard to understand. A deputy contacted the second reporting party who was in a disturbance with herself. She agreed to go inside and quiet down.


Group of men on the attack: A reporting party reported that his mother and a sibling were attacked by a group of unknown men. They were driving home from Frenchman Lake. The reporting party thought it was over road rage. Two men were in a red Dodge Ram. They left driving toward Reno. The RP requested an ambulance because they had been punched in the face. Sierra Valley Fire Department and Eastern Plumas Health Care were paged. The CHP was also on scene and reported that no medical was necessary. The victim was told to contact a deputy on Monday.


There’s an air issue: In Delleker, a caller requested either the fire department or a deputy respond to check on her oxygen machine. The call was completed.

Assault reported: A deputy received a report from a woman who said that her boyfriend assaulted her. A deputy attempted to contact the suspect and then issued a BOLO for him. Victim Witness was notified.

 Lake Almanor

Welfare check: A caller from out of county requested a welfare check on his friend. The man was supposed to visit him in San Jose and didn’t show up. He also wasn’t answering his phone or texts. A sergeant attempted to contact the man and left a message for him to contact the reporting party. The deputy was finally able to contact the man who was fine. He said he had car troubles and couldn’t leave.

 Meadow Valley

School vandalized: A deputy was notified that the Meadow Valley School in Meadow Valley was vandalized. The deputy was investigating the case and attempted to call a man several times about the incident and couldn’t leave a message. The case was closed pending further investigation.


Heavy smoke reported: 911 dispatch received a call from someone in Portola and heard a man talking. A deputy then received a call from the reporting party at the substation. He reported seeing heavy smoke in the area of 3rd Avenue and McClears Road. A deputy and Eastern Plumas Fire Department responded.

Wife takes a fall: A man requested an ambulance for his wife who fell and hit her head. The call was transferred to Eastern Plumas District Hospital. Eastern Plumas Fire Department also responded to assist. The patient was transporting to the hospital.

People behaving badly: A caller reported that a group of males in a white truck drove by his home and were throwing rocks and then pounding windows. A deputy contacted the reporting party and determined that no crime was committed.


Run-over attempted: On Quincy Junction Road, near Quincy, a person was stopped and talking to a person in a white lifted pickup. A person in a black lifted SUV arrived, revved the engine and then tried to run over the reporting person. The person said the black SUV was last seen southbound from Quincy Junction from Chandler Road. The CHP requested a BOLO for the suspect. The information was passed on to a sergeant.

Missing person noted: A caller requested a welfare check on their son and also wanted to file a missing persons report. The caller said the son didn’t have a working phone. The caller talked the last time with the person on Facebook Nov. 9. The individual was entered into missing persons’ database.

 Rock successful in hitting windshield: A caller reported that someone threw a rock through the windshield of one of his vehicles at his house.

Saturday, Dec. 5


Possible fire reported: The CHP transferred a report about a possible structure fire. The flames could be seen from the highway. The caller couldn’t be reached. Beckwourth Fire Department was paged. A deputy reported that it was a small vegetation fire and that one structure was threatened. It was reported that it was a 10 ft. by 10 ft. fire and someone was working to get it knocked down. The USFS was sending an engine.


Knife discovered: A caller reported finding a large knife in an empty lot and wanted to turn it in. A deputy said that a juvenile turned in a machete.

 Citation issued: Eastbound on Highway 36 just before Chester, an officer reported that a man was cited and charged with violating his probation.

Vehicle vandalized: A caller reported that someone vandalized her car within the last 48 hours. She thought she knew of two people who might have been involved. She asked for contact from an officer but said she is in Arizona and was going to go to sleep for the night. A deputy contacted her, but she was driving and would call him later.


Person missing: A caller said that her father left his house to go to the post office and hadn’t returned. She said he had nowhere else to go. The information was also transferred to the CHP. A deputy confirmed that the elderly man wasn’t at home. A BOLO was issued. A deputy learned that the man might be in Truckee. The CHP located him north of Calpine. His vehicle ran out of gas in Truckee and he was returning home.

 Crescent Mills

Missing person reported: A caller reported that her adult son hadn’t returned home. He was last seen the previous morning when he had an appointment with a county department. He didn’t return home after that. The man was eventually located in Portola. He’d missed the bus home and would stay there until Monday. He was removed from the missing persons’ database.


Medical alert: Dispatch received a medical alert for an elderly man who fell. REMSA was notified and Indian Valley and Crescent Mills fire departments responded.

Cross traffic fire reported: Cross traffic on the radio was heard and a fire was reported from the Plumas National Forest near the Moonlight Junction. A caller wanted to confirm that it was a fire. Less than a quarter-acre was reported. It was moving at a low rate of spread. Two engines were attending and more were ordered.

All tangled up: On North Valley Road, a caller reported that a deer was tangled in her fence. The reporting party was given the phone number for fish and wildlife. She contacted Fish and Wildlife and they wouldn’t help her so she was requesting assistance from a deputy. The She called back and said she was able to free the deer from the fence.

Pendant activation: A caller requested an ambulance for a man who fell and had an ear injury and a cut on his arm. The information was transferred to REMSA, Indian Valley and Crescent Mills fire departments and Plumas District Hospital ambulance.

Lake Almanor

Dirty weapon: About a mile from the super ditch, a sergeant reported finding a firearm in the mud. There was a serial number on the weapon.


High winds: Caller reported that power shut offs were possible on Monday, Dec. 7 through Tuesday, Dec. 8. High winds were cited.


Possible power outage: Power outages were planned from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Fall victim reported: An ambulance was requested for an elderly woman who fell. Eastern Plumas Fire Department and Eastern Plumas Health Care ambulance were alerted. A lift-assist was all that was needed.


Burn reported: A caller reported that he has an agriculture permit to burn and was notifying the fire department.

 Razor rolled: A caller reported an ATV incident where a Razor rolled over in someone’s backyard. One individual was having seizures. The information was transferred to the CHP. Quincy Fire Department and Plumas District Hospital ambulance were paged.

 Slumped over the wheel: A caller reported that her husband was dead. He was in a truck slumped over for three days. A sergeant located both the victim and his truck. The sergeant checked the residence and no one would answer the door. He was unable to find anything suspicious.

 Fall victim reported: A caller requested medical assistance for a woman who fell and was dizzy. She had head and shoulder injuries. The information was transferred to REMSA. Quincy Fire Department and Plumas District Hospital ambulance were paged.

Friday, Dec. 4


Slumber time: A deputy was advised that a man was slumped over in a vehicle on a dirt road off First Avenue. A deputy said it was a man sleeping.

Third hole gets a hand: At the Bailey Creek Golf Course, a caller reported that he was on the third hole and his dog brought him what appeared to be a human hand. A detective notified Chico’s anthropology unit and they requested that the remains be x-rayed. It was confirmed that it was a juvenile bear paw.

Crescent Mills

Back off!: A caller said that a black vehicle was following too closely. The information was transferred to the CHP.


Medical requested: A reporting party requested medical help for her elderly mother who fell. Eastern Plumas Health Care was notified. Eastern Plumas Fire Department was also called. A helicopter was requested. Careflight arrived to get the victim.


Who’s there? A caller said he could hear someone outside his residence. He said he is elderly and couldn’t go outside to investigate. He called back to say it must have been a bear. A deputy was to do a patrol check in that area. The deputy said everything appeared to be OK.

Who let the dogs out? A caller reported a disturbance over three dogs in the roadway that almost caused an accident. A deputy said the disturbance was over the dogs being loose, a reoccurring problem. Contact from animal control was requested.

Lake Almanor

Shots heard: A caller reported hearing three or four shots being fired. A second report said they sounded like fireworks. A deputy was unable to find anything in the area of Woodlake Drive and Parkhill.


Odd texts reported: A caller said he was receiving texts saying, “Dead man walking,” The caller wouldn’t provide an address where he was located. A deputy spoke to someone and provided the correct temporary restraining order procedures.

Citation issued: A deputy reported citing a man who was charged with driving without a license and having no insurance. His vehicle was towed.

Stole a beer: A caller reported that a man just came in and stole a beer. The unknown man then walked outside to a black sedan. The caller said he didn’t see any weapons. A deputy said the individual was gone when he arrived. He contacted the caller who said that prior to the beer theft a wallet was stolen.


Car painted:A caller reported that someone put house paint all over his vehicles.

Rock-thrower reported: A caller reported that a person she knows threw rocks at her vehicle the other day. She asked to speak to a deputy. A deputy said that no damage was done.

Un-building fences: A caller said that a neighbor tore down her fence and caused a disturbance. A deputy said the fence was damaged.

Fighting behind bars: A corrections officer reported that two inmates were involved in an assault.

Over the side: A caller reported that a vehicle went over the side on Bucks Lake Road just East of Riverdance. The people were out of the vehicle and no injuries were reported. The information was transferred to the CHP. A deputy confirmed that no injuries occurred. The CHP was to handle the incident.

Been and gone: It was reported that a man was causing a disturbance at a residence and was throwing things around the house. A deputy reported that the suspect left prior to his arrival. The individual was enroute to Nevada.

Just move along: A deputy reported hearing some form of a disturbance near Lee Road. The deputy was west of the address and contacted a man there. He was yelling at something. He was sent on his way. The deputy said it was a verbal disturbance and no crime occurred.


Crash reported: On Highway 70 between Tobin and Storrie it was reported that a vehicle crashed into a wall. It was unknown if there were injuries. Plumas District Hospital ambulance and Quincy Fire Department were paged. The CHP was on scene and there were no injuries.

 Twain: A caller reported that there was a trespasser on his property. A deputy didn’t find anyone around but did unplug an extension cord.


Cow wouldn’t moove: Eastbound on Highway 70 at Dotta Guidici Road, a caller reported that a cow was in the road. The information was transferred to the CHP.


On the road: A caller said there was a man lying on the side of the road with a bag. The information was transferred to the CHP. A deputy was unable to locate anyone in need of assistance.

Thursday, Dec. 3


Missing patient: A caller reported that a patient was showing low oxygen levels and had a low respiratory rate. The reporting party was unable to get a hold of the responsible agency. Eastern Plumas Health Care and Sierra Valley Fire Department were paged. A deputy was sent to assist. Someone from the fire department said they were unable to gain entry. A deputy said the patient wasn’t in the residence.

 Lake Almanor Peninsula

Looked like they didn’t belong: A caller said that his tree service guys saw two men inside their neighbor’s house. It didn’t look like they were supposed to be there. The caller said he spoke to his neighbor who requested that he call. A deputy spoke to the homeowner who requested extra patrols. A deputy said it was a case of suspicious circumstances only. There appeared to be a misunderstanding about which residence it was.


Missed schooling: Someone requested a welfare check on a student who hadn’t been to school for two weeks. The school official reported attempting to contact her multiple times. A deputy contacted another family member and learned the mother wasn’t home. The deputy was going to notify the district attorney’s office.


Citation reported: It was reported that a deputy was out in front of the sheriff’s office with a vehicle and an individual who was confirmed by the County Probation. The individual was cited and charged with possession of methamphetamines, drug paraphernalia, two different violations of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. A contact message was sent to Butte County.

Concerned over school: A request was made that a deputy make a welfare check on a student. The schools hadn’t heard from the child or the parents since the beginning of the school year. A deputy spoke to a parent who said her son was not home but would be contacting someone in the district attorney’s office regarding the truancy issue.

Overstayed their welcome?: A caller reported that a man and woman were squatting in her house. She said that the woman asked to stay there and she gave her permission. But she didn’t give the man permission to stay there. She said she asked them to leave but they were telling her they have renters’ rights. The man was trespassed from the location. A deputy attempted to contact the reporting party who requested a welfare check on the woman. She said she was concerned about the woman’s well being. The deputy said that a neighbor said that no one was living at the residence.


Welcome to drug in the box: At the county campground, a caller reported finding a cardboard box with what appeared to be drugs inside. It was found at the end of some logs near the burn pit on the campground side. A found property report was filed.

Wednesday, Dec. 2


Smoke is in the air: A caller reported seeing white smoke in the area of Grizzly Road. Eastern Plumas Fire Department was paged. Someone advised the smoke was west of Valley View. Beckwourth Fire Department was also paged. It was reported that a homeowner in the area had a burn pile and a permit.


Hazard reported: The Office of Emergency Services received a report of a 300-gallon sewage spill inside the Plumas-Eureka area. No waterway was involved and the spill was contained. OES notified Plumas County Environment Health.

 Hallelujah Junction

Walking barefoot for miles: A businessperson in Quincy said he’d received a call from a woman inquiring if a juvenile with no shoes was seen in the store. The woman said that the juvenile jumped out of the vehicle at Hallelujah Junction. She said she hadn’t called the sheriff’s office. She described the teen and thought he might have mental health issues. The information was sent to Lassen County and the CHP. Deputies were on the lookout

 Meadow Valley

Controlled burn: A caller reported that a controlled burn was going to occur.


Missed the curb: A caller requested medical assistance for someone who fell off the curb. The patient was transported to EPHC.

Reporting a disturbance: A caller reported that a woman was causing problems at a business. The woman left the office but the caller thought she was still on the property. A deputy said the individual left the area, but the woman was known and identified. The deputy contacted the caller who said that the woman was asked to leave the property and they agreed.

Woman cited: A probation check was requested on two women. One was cited and charged with violating her probation and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Going to get a gun: A caller reported that someone she knows is out of services and is trying to get them back. The individual is no longer qualified. The reporting party said the individual threatened her on the phone telling her to go to hell and that he was going to look into buying a gun. The caller requested that a deputy contact the man. The deputy did and the man denied being a danger to himself or others. He said he was just frustrated with the hospital and behavioral health. He said he would contact his insurance provider so he could move forward with behavioral health.

Trying to break in: A caller reported that he received information from a neighbor that some people were trying to break into a building. The caller requested a call from the deputy when things were completed. A deputy checked the building and another building and found an unlocked door. No crime was committed.

Wallet issues: A caller said he left his wallet at a business and that the business had a video of a man taking the wallet off the counter and then leaving.


Broken ankle reported: A caller requested an ambulance for someone on Lee Road with a broken ankle. Plumas District Hospital ambulance and Quincy Fire Department were paged.

Citation issued: A deputy reported citing a man who was charged with driving on a license that was suspended or revoked, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance, and probation violation.

Where’s my lunch?: A caller said that someone broke into his truck and stole his lunch box and his work keys for all of the district schools. The caller thought the high school had a video of a vehicle leaving the scene.

How to stop a charging dog?: In Sloat, a caller reported that the neighbor’s dog was charging her. She knew who owned the dogs. She said she had to defend herself and her dog. No injuries were reported. The RP said there was supposed to be an electric fence but it’s not on. The information was transferred to animal control. An animal control officer tried to call but didn’t get an answer. Then she called the dogs’ owner and was told there was an electric fence. Animal control spoke to the reporting party and she told him the dogs never came off their own property.

Hiding out: A caller reported that an elderly woman was trespassing on private property. The reporting party called back and said they located her but it looked like she had lain down for the night. The caller said that if the deputy could contact him first, they could locate the woman faster. A deputy contacted the woman and she said she would move onto public property.

Tuesday, Dec. 1


Stranded and needed help: On Highway 70 at the Mohawk Passing Lanes, A deputy reported that the driver of a truck stopped and helped some locals get out of the woods. The individual was stranded. He wouldn’t fit in the cab so they had him ride in the bed of the truck. The trucker was giving him a ride home. The deputy was going to give the man a ride to his house. The deputy said the man’s vehicle was stuck but that he didn’t need help getting it out.


Bear break in: A caller reported that a bear broke into a garage. Fish and wildlife was notified.


Rock reported: A deputy reported that someone threw a rock through the substation window.

Monday, Nov. 30


Going through boxes: A caller said that someone reported that a young woman in a hoodie was going through multiple boxes in the post office. A deputy was unable to locate anything suspicious.

Citation issued: Probation reported that a man was cited and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, probation violation and possession of methamphetamines.


Lion spotted: A caller reported seeing a mountain lion in a tree. No injuries were reported to animals or people. The information was transferred to fish and wildlife.

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