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The virus continues to spread

Lake Almanor resident Dale Knutsen contributes a monthly weather analysis to be published in the Chester Progressive. Now he is tracking and graphing COVID-19 in the state. Following is his latest submission.CAnewCases19June CaDeaths19June

The natural isolation of California’s rural counties has thus far helped to minimize the number of COVID-19 infections there, but statewide the picture is more serious.

As of June 19, California had recorded 169,309 diagnosed cases of coronavirus, along with 5,424 deaths attributed to the disease.  The rate of infection continues to climb, as indicated in the chart of weekly new cases.  No flattening or reduction of that curve is evident yet.

At the other end of the disease cycle, the weekly number of COVID-19 deaths has declined roughly 20 percent from its earlier surge and is currently holding steady.  Just bear in mind that there is a natural lag in time between infection and disease resolution, either by recovery or death, which means that we won’t know for several weeks whether there will be an increase in the weekly death rate corresponding to the current increase in diagnosed cases or due to increased population “mixing” as people venture out more.


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