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Volunteers John Barker and Don Maddelena (left) work on the front face of the old ranch house at White Sulphur Springs Ranch in Clio. Photo by John Lullo

The work continues at White Sulphur Springs

Submitted by John Lullo

Special to Plumas News


Motorists traveling on Highway 89 at the entrance to the Mohawk Valley have witnessed major improvements going on at the old white house at White Sulphur Springs Ranch.  It’s like viewing a progressive slide show. Each time they pass the site it looks a little different….a little better.

During February and the first week in March volunteers made significant progress on the side of the ranch house facing the highway. One of the driest months in California history made for good working conditions. All of the structural rebuilding has been completed and approved by the county building inspector. Some of the original 140-year-old balusters have been restored and new ones have been made to match the old ones.  The public has not seen skirting and handrails on the downstairs porch since their destruction in 2008.  Every effort is being made to restore the original character of the historic ranch house.

Wi-Fi is now available at the ranch house.  Suddenly, the 19th century building has jumped into the computer age.

The easing of Covid-19 restrictions has put new life into the scores of Mohawk Valley Stewardship Council (MVSC) volunteers who are finally looking forward to a normal spring and summer fundraising season. The first organizational meeting for Summerfest, the big annual outdoor event, has taken place after a two year absence.  Details will be forthcoming as spring arrives.

New volunteers are always welcomed.  If you would like to be a part of the process of restoring White Sulphur Springs for use by the community, call Judy at 530-836-0254.  To get an overall view of the character and goals of the MVSC go to the website at www.WhiteSulphurSpringsRanch.com.



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