Third cannabis draft comes to planning commission

There is a new draft cannabis ordinance heading to the county’s planning commission. One that the creators say is the middle ground between the “no-grow” draft, and the “pro-grow” draft currently in circulation.

Ralph Koehne, a local civil engineer and founder and spokesperson of the Neighbors for the Control of Cannabis Coalition, presented proposed amendments to the “no-grow” draft to the planning commission at its regular meeting Feb. 1. The Citizen’s Group for a Responsible Cannabis Ordinance created the draft ordinance that Koehne called conservative and unreasonable. He used their draft as the platform for his coalition’s changes.

Though the planning commission has not addressed any of the draft cannabis ordinances, it will review all the cannabis drafts and select the one that will go to the board of supervisors for review and approval.

“We believe in the individual’s right to grow and use cannabis, and yet we don’t want to have big grows come in to the area either,” said Koehne during public comment at the meeting. “What we have come up with is some edits to the citizen’s group draft to make it more liberal for the Prop. 64 growers.”

Prop. 64 allows for the recreational use of cannabis, and up to six plants per residence. According to Koehne, the citizen’s draft sets unreasonable restrictions on those interested in exercising their rights outlined in Prop. 64. However, the draft that was created by the Cannabis Working Group, a county commission, offers little regulation and restrictions on cannabis growth.

“The drafts are two different extremes,” said Koehne.


Koehne’s changes from the citizen’s draft include allowing for outdoor Prop. 64 grows as long as there is a 7-foot fence around the six plants. The amendments allow the establishment of green houses or building less than 120 square-feet without a building permit, and permit one delivery service and two nurseries in the unincorporated areas of the county.

Koehne also suggested to the commission that Prop. 64 regulations and the regulations on commercial cannabis be treated as two separate issues with two separate ordinances.

Koehne requested that his draft be submitted to the commission for review and deliberation alongside the other two drafts.

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