Thomas Ira Hubbard, Jr.

Thomas Ira Hubbard, Jr., our brother, uncle, and friend, born November 5, 1939, Pasadena, California,  died on May 1, 2021, at his home in Greenville, California.
He was the beloved son of Thomas Ira Hubbard, Sr. (deceased) and Esther Olivia Hubbard (deceased.)  He was preceded in death by his sister Marilyn Rae Loomis of Shasta Lake City, California, and has one living brother, John L. Hubbard of Fall River Mills, California and one sister, Norma Lee Hyde of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and many nephews and nieces, first and second generations.
Tom was a resident of Plumas County, California from 1974-2021 at the time of his death.
Tom, along with his cousin Bud Holder, joined the Dalton Hotshots (California Firefighters) after graduation from high school.
Tom began work for the Wildlands firefighters of the United States Forest Service in 1955.
While serving in the US Army 2nd Armored Division, 1963-1965, he was deployed in a massive maneuvers division to Germany. Which gave him the opportunity to visit the nation his predecessors came from and to serve his country as well through the US Army.
He continued, with the Forest Service once again after serving in the Army, through 1977.
After serving in the Army he pursued the craft of carpentry, having learned this trade through his father, who in turn had learned the trade through his father R. S. Hubbard, who was also an itinerate preacher and supplemented his family’s income through carpentry. This along with his brother Willard who became a minister, building churches, while pastoring those same churches.  All were known, including Tom, for the fine workmanship and diligence to the trade.
Tom was known for his descriptive storytelling, being an avid hunter, mentor, handyman, history and aviation buff, and dog lover.  He often spoke of his dog Buddy, keeping his feet warm, while he sat by his woodstove on cold nights, reading, and listening to classical music.  His love of music included his love of playing his father’s guitar, having been handed down to him, and often joining his cousin Mac and his Blue Grass Band in great times of playing together.
Tom is missed by his loving family, extended family, and friends.

A Memorial service will be held at 1 p.m., June 26, 2021 at the Taylorsville Campground.