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Tiger Jackson Powell is ready to take a healthy swing, eh batter, batter.

Tiger baseball splits doubleheaders with Quincy and Chester

Volcano Justin Contreras thinks about his placement as he steps up to the plate.

Portola and Quincy met for the one and only time this season in a doubleheader at PHS on April 30 and the teams shared the victories.

Quincy 15, Portola 10

In the first game, the Trojans pulled out on top of the Tigers. Quincy came out on the scoreboard at the top of inning one with four runs, Tigers zero.

The Trojans scored another three runs in the top of the second inning, but the Tigers found their way to the scoreboard with four runs.

QHS boys were unable to get past the Tiger pitchers in the top of the third inning and the Tigers came back strong with four additional runs. The score sat at 8-7, Portola.

QHS returned the favor and scored four runs of their own in the fourth inning and did not allow a single Tiger to cross home plate, 11-8 QHS.

In the fifth and final inning, QHS scored four runs to widen the lead and allowed PHS two runs, but it wasn’t enough for a Tiger victory.

Four Quincy runs were scored by senior Dominic Rinetti. Junior Brady Peay scored three runs. Two runs each were scored by Russell Nickerson, Lane Coelho and Johnny Pini. Single QHS runs were scored by Cameron Schmidt and Justin Garner. Pini hit six RBIs! Wow! Two RBIs each were hit by Canaan Newman, Peay and Garner. Rinetti, Kai Hosstetter and Schmidt hit single RBIs. Rinetti and Newman both hit doubles.

Single bases were stolen by Rinetti, Peay, Garner and Pini. Quincy utilized Kai Hosstetter and Justin Garner from their pitching pool.

Garner struck out three Tigers of 22 faced and Hosstetter struck out two of 12 batters.

Three Portola runs were scored by junior Justin Wicks. Two runs each were scored by Jaden Bok, Irving Juarez, Sean Sheridan and James Sampson. Chandler Ross also scored a run. Drew Helbig hit two RBIs. Wicks Ross and Sampson both hit RBIs.

Chester batter Juan Flores gives the steel eye stare to the Tiger pitcher while waiting for his pitch.

Wicks had his invisible cape on and stole four bases! Hunter Cabral stole two bases and Sheridan and Sampson also managed to steal a base from QHS.

Drew Helbig served as catcher for Portola to pitchers Cade Wilmer, Chandler Ross and Irving Juarez. Only Juarez was able to strike out a Trojan and he got two of the 25 he faced.

Portola 15, Quincy 3

Game two went six innings. In the first three innings the teams mirrored each other run for run. Both teams scored a single run in the first inning. Neither team was able to score the second inning. Both teams scored two runs in the third inning and then the divide came. The Tigers added a run in the fourth, four runs in the fifth and, for the ultimate topper, seven runs in the sixth, and that was that.

Tiger scoring was led by Justin Wicks who scored four runs. Hunter Cabral scored three runs. Sean Sheridan scored two runs. Bok, Helbig, Ross and Juarez all crossed home plate to score. Cabral hit four RBIs. Ross and Juarez hit two each, and Bok, Helbig and Sheridan all hit RBIs.

Wicks stole two bases as did Cabral and Juarez stole one. James Sampson served as PHS catcher to senior pitchers Chandler Ross and Hunter Cabral. Pitching the majority of the game, Cabral faced 23 batters and struck out eight. Ross took on two batters and stuck them both out, nice relief!

The Tigers are 6-11-1 overall and 1-3 in league play. Quincy Trojans are 7-11 overall and 3-5 in the league. It is always so great the way the boys put in so much effort for the rivalry games and play their best games.

Tigers vs. Volcanoes

The Tigers split doubleheader victories with the Chester Volcanoes at CHS on April 27. The teams only met once this season, but they packed all the good stuff into the pair of Saturday games.

Chester 19, Portola 18

Chester Pitcher Michael Bereznak is in control on the mound.

In one of the best contests of the season, the Volcanoes and the Tigers lit the field up with spectacular plays and hits.

The game started off looking like the Tigers might walk away with it. They came on strong, scoring four Tiger runs in the first and second innings.

Chester managed a single run in the bottom of the first inning.

But in the third inning, the tables turned. Portola was only allowed a single run while the Volcanoes racked up four runs. The score was 9-5 heading into the fourth inning. Both teams excelled adding five runs to each side of the scoreboard, Tigers 14-10.

In the fifth inning only Portola scored, two runs, to widen the lead, 16-10. PHS scored a single run in the sixth inning and Chester added two, 17-12.

Heading into the seventh and final inning, Portola casually added another run to their lead, ready to walk away with the victory and then WHAM! Chester exploded and the Volcanoes burned hot with seven runs to WIN by a single run. It was a sneak attack!

Winning Chester runs were led by Justin Contreras with four runs. Michael Bereznak scored three runs. Hunter Snyder, Trenton Longacre, Juan Flores, Kameron Stelzriede and Jakob Williams all scored two runs for CHS. Nick Brent and Tyler Davidge both score a run for the Vols.

Davidge led RBIs with four. Two RBIs each were hit by Bereznak, Longacre, Contreras, Brent, Flores and Stelzriede.

Contreras hit two doubles and Brent and Davidge each hit a double. Bereznak was invisible as he stole four bases.

Volcano pitching was handled by Contreras, Davidge and Stelzriede. Davidge struck out one batter of 12 faced. Stelzriede faced 28 batters and Contreras faced 14.

Quincy Trojan Lane Coelho is ready to take a whack with his bat!

On the Tiger side of the field, three runs each were scored by Jaden Bok, Drew Helbig and Chandler Ross. Two runs each were scored by Wicks, Sheridan and Cabral. Single runs were scored by Cade Wilmer, Juarez and Sampson. Five RBIs were hit by Juarez! Wow! Ross hit three RBIs. Sheridan and Cabral hit two RBIs each and Wicks, Helbig and Sampson hit single RBIs. Juarez hit a double.

Wicks, Jackson Powell and Cabral all stole two bases each. Helbig stole a base, too.

Helbig served as catcher to four Tiger pitchers: Wilmer, Ross, Juarez and Cabral. Juarez struck out three batters of 20 faced. Ross struck out two of 19 batters faced. Cabral also struck out two batters of the seven he faced. Wilmer struck out one of the six batters he faced.

Portola 8, Chester 5

In the second game, just 20 minutes after the first game, the Tigers came out on top in a five inning game. The teams matched each other with two runs each in the first inning.

Only CHS scored a run in the second inning.

Portola scored two runs in the third inning and Chester scored one run to tie the game up 4-4 heading into the fourth inning.

The Tigers put two runs on the board in the fourth and Chester added one, 6-5.

In the fifth inning Portola added two more runs and CHS boys were held to zero to end the game for PHS.

Portola runs were scored by Wicks and Cabral each with two runs and Helbig, Ross, Juarez and Sheridan. Ross hit three RBIs. Cabral and Sampson both hit two RBIs each. Cabral hit a home run and Ross hit a double.

Wicks stole three bases of four attempts. Cabral stole two and Helbig and Ross both stole one base successfully.

Helbig served as catcher to freshman Tiger pitcher Sean Sheridan who stood alone on the mound. Facing 26 batters, Sheridan struck out four and threw a total of 93 pitches in the game.

Chester runs were scored by Nick Brent (2), Bereznak, Contreras and Davidge. Juan Flores is credited with the only RBI. Davidge hit two doubles and Contreras hit one double.

The Vols did very well stealing bases. Bereznak and Longacre both managed three bases. Stelzriede stole two and Davidge managed one.

Stelzriede served as catcher to Volcano pitchers Nick Brent and Tyler Davidge. Brent struck out two of 24 batters faced and Davidge also struck out two of eight batters faced.

The Chester Volcanoes are 5-7 overall and sit 3-3 in the league.

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