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Keegan Folchi does a quick fake for a Maxwell Panther, changes directions and scores in the final minutes of the game Jan. 31. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

Tiger boys win four in a row

The Portola boys are running 5-2 in the league and 12-12 overall showing head boys basketball coach Tim Brubaker is keeping the team sharp by matching them with tough non-league challengers.

Tigers 59, Wolverines 56

Wow! Four in a row for the Portola boys as they get the best of the Biggs team Feb. 4 in Portola.

The game swung widely, this way then that, and the Wolverines and the Tigers battled on the PHS court. Portola took the lead in the first quarter by a single point, 14-13. Biggs came back tough in the second quarter to take the lead by the half, 28-23.

The Portola boys really showed the Wolverines what was what as they triple-scored Biggs in the third quarter, 21 points to Biggs’ 7, to take the lead 44-35. The Wolverines did not surrender and outscored the Tigers by 6 points in the final quarter, but it was just shy of the win, by a single point. Portola fans left the game without voices but proudly held the victory high, after all the voices will return.

Keegan Folchi took the lead for the Tigers this game scoring 18 points for Portola, landing two 3-pointers in the process. Mario Ruiz added 10 points, Dylan Gonsalvez 9, and Owen Bowling scored 8 points for PHS. James Sampson scored 6 and Cody Callahan and JT Massey both scored 4 Tiger points.

Bowling scored on two of two from the charity line, Folchi two of three and Ruiz two of four.

Bowling was heavy on the rebounds with 15. Folchi picked up 11, Ruiz six and Callahan four.

Folchi was quick, instigating eight turnovers and pulled off five steals. Gonsalvez stole the ball four times and caused four turnovers as did Ruiz.

Massey picked up four personal fouls and Folchi and Ruiz were credited with three each.

Tigers 74, Indians 44

Facing the Greenville Indians, the Tigers were led by junior Dylan Gonsalvez with 30 points, hitting 63 percent of his shots. Gonsalvez landed five of nine 3-point shots and scored on his only chance from the charity line.

Senior Keegan Folchi scored 16 points for the Tigers, including a 3-pointer, and hit four of his nine free throw opportunities. Junior Owen Bowling added 10 points to the Tiger scoreboard and hit two of two free throws.

Bowling led Tiger rebounds with 11. Senior JT Massey picked up seven. Senior Cody Callahan gathered six, Folchi picked up five and senior Mario Ruiz four.

Tigers 71, Panthers 50

Gonsalvez is having a terrific run on the court.

The junior led the Tigers on Jan. 31 against Maxwell with 28 points, landing 71 percent of his shots. Senior JT Massey and senior Keegan Folchi added 12 points each and junior James Sampson got on the board for 9, shooting 57 percent.

From the charity line, Massey shot 80 percent, scoring on eight of 10 shots. Folchi was landing 67 percent, scoring on six of nine chances. Gonsalvez scored on three of four, 75 percent.

Picking up rebounds is a game changer and Folchi was fast with his hands and position gathering 12 under the key. Massey and Gonsalvez both picked up seven while Callahan and Sampson gathered up five each. Bowling snatched six.

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