Tobin still without water

While Tobin residents might have expected to turn on the taps and get water in early June that just hasn’t happened.

Supervisor and Community Development Commission director Jeff Engel thought he’d finally smoothed troubled waters for a contractor to install pipe along the Union Pacific Railroad bridge taking potable water to Tobin homes, when another wave occurred.

This time Union Pacific changed contractors midstream. The new contractor, RailPros, has replaced the former company, Engel explained. And their fee is $7,000 a week.

To complicate matters, the construction company that was to do the actual work isn’t available to do the job until fall.

With fire season already here supervisors were uncomfortable leaving the job unfinished on several fronts.

So, supervisors directed Roger Diefendorf, executive director of the Community Development Commission, to see if anyone could complete the job quickly. The CDC is the program that has been overseeing the water project. “Talk to Stantec and see if they know someone,” Engel said Tuesday, June 18. “I don’t think we should give up. I don’t give up,” he added.

Ultimately, supervisors agreed to set aside $25,000 in case it’s needed to pay RailPros for its services. And Diefendorf is looking for a contractor to complete the water line project as soon as possible, keeping the project afloat.