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Tobin water construction set to begin March 2

“Break out the champagne!” exclaimed Roger Diefendorf, executive director of the Plumas County Community Development Commission.

Diefendorf was speaking to members of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors sitting as  CDC commissioners Tuesday, Feb. 18.

Warren Guess Plumbing was the only bidder on a proposal to finally fix Tobin’s water system and planned to begin work on the final phase March 2, Diefendorf said.

He added that Guess intends to start the project on the Tobin side thereby reducing the number of days for highway flagging to just two days.

“They’re local too,” said Supervisor/Commissioner Lori Simpson. Guess is based in Susanville and Chester.

During the board of supervisors’ meeting that same day, the board approved the transfer of $94,500 between Plumas County and the contractor. That funding was set aside early in 2019 when it was believed plans were moving forward on the water system.

On a final note during the CDC meeting, Supervisor Sherrie Thrall admonished Diefendorf not to break a champagne bottle over the pipeline. She didn’t want anything to happen to it.

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