Tonight’s community meeting can’t be broadcast live

Those yearning for information about the West Zone of the Dixie Fire are going to have wait a little longer. The meeting will be held live at 7 p.m. at the Community Church at 1400 Numa Road in Susanville, but due to connectivity issues won’t be broadcast live. Instead, a recorded version will be posted sometime after the meeting ends.

The West Zone could take a page from the East Zone where succinct morning, evening, and sometimes even afternoon updates from Planning Operations Section Chief Jake Cagle, are posted. It’s not the multi-faceted productions that the nightly community meetings are, which alternate between zones — but frankly those aren’t what the people need. Much is a rehash of  “This is the East Zone; this is the West Zone; this is what the black line means …”

We are a month in to this fire, and this is the fourth year in a row that we have had a major fire in Plumas County, so please give us what we need to know — more specificity. Plumas News has talked to individuals on the Plumas National Forest and even they are having trouble getting information.

This morning the teaser for tonight’s meeting read “Find out the status of Chester, Westwood, Susanville, Janesville and more at tonight’s #DixieFire West Zone Community Meeting.”


This isn’t a reality show; it’s people’s lives. The information should be flowing as it becomes known.

Daily updates are printed, but they are long on generalities, and short on specifics — particularly on the West Zone. As someone said, “It’s almost like they just cut and paste …”

So please West Zone, more information.