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Trent Saxton did not write a racist letter as claimed


Enough of this slandering Trent Saxton. In the last week, four people have accused Trent of saying, “we don’t need Antifa, or this Black lives matter crap in this county.” They all seem to know an awful lot about a post in the PCCC Group. Well, I have two copies of that Post and one has been altered, John Sheehan did you alter that post?

If you didn’t alter it, why was it not verified as authentic before you shared it with the other Trustees? And who gave it to you? Who was it that removed the BLM organizer name from that letter? Who removed this sentence from that letter, “All lives matter!!!!!! xxxx, rancher”, the xxx is the name of the person who wrote the letter and it isn’t Trent.

The fake one John Sheehan has been passing around I found on a Liberal website that is registered as a PAC supporting a single candidate Audrey Denney, FEC Committee ID: C00656348. There are a few posts on it by Trent that have been either altered or presented in a way that does not reflect the meaning of the post. The Alliance Author states “thank you. That’s the kind of action we need.” Anyone can go to the CA1 Alliance Action site and check out just be aware there is trash talk. Mr. Sheehan, if there are employees on this site making comments similar in nature to what you accuse Trent of, will you hold them accountable as a Trustee of FRC?

To the other Board members of Feather River College, you have been spoofed by Mr. Sheehan.  If there is one person among you that needs to be censored it is Mr. Sheehan for distributing a fake letter. For the citizens of Plumas County, we may want to consider recalling Mr. Sheehan.

Where is S.I. Hayakawa?

Jacque Duvall


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