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Families dressed to the nines come from all around Plumas County to attend an annual favorite- the Graeagle Merchants Trick or Treat, held on Saturday, October 29. Photo by Ian Hoffmann

Trick or treat in Graeagle: a sweet annual tradition

Watch out! This big bad wolf is ready to huff and puff and blow a house down! From left, Adam, and Sarah Reid with 10-month-old Banks and three-year-old Kira grin at the 2022 Graeagle Trick or Treat event. Photo by Lauren Westmoreland

Joanne Williamson of Feathers in Graeagle gives sweets to children amidst excited chatter and laughter as decked out crowds stroll between the red cabins of downtown Graeagle. Photo by Lauren Westmoreland

Brandi and Candi Ward hand out candy in front of the Graeagle Restaurant, welcoming trick or treaters of all ages with giant smiles. Photo by Lauren Westmoreland

The Dream Team unites with a young skeleton in Graeagle, working their way towards a team goal of full candy buckets. Mom Nova Collinson and dad Samuel Collinson strike a team pose with two-year-old Echo Collinson, five-year-old Ember Collinson, and five-year-old Tao Pascucci. Photo by Lauren Westmoreland

They’re off to find the wizard! From left, Nick Clawson, Tyler Flores and Tessa Clawson look for a heart, brain, and home, respectively. Photo by Michael Clawson


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