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Head basketball coach Keshawn Johnson checks the clock during a timeout with 43 seconds left in the Loyalton/Quincy playoff game Feb. 20 with the score tied 55-55. Photo by Erin Mari Roth

Trojan girls win over Biggs Wolverines

The Quincy basketball team played its final league game Feb. 14 and it was a sweet victory for the Trojans, 45-33.

The visiting Wolverines took the lead in Quincy in the first quarter 14-8. In the second quarter the tide flipped, exactly! QHS scored 14 points to the Biggs 8, score tied up 22-22.

After the half it was Biggs turn again, but the Quincy girls wouldn’t have it, they led scoring 12-8 to take the lead away from Biggs 34-30.

The Wolverines were held to just 3 points in the final period and the Trojans widened their lead with an additional 11 points for the final score, 45-33.

Top scoring came from Lexi Baumgartner with 16 points, two 3-pointers in the mix. Jaeden Stephens and Annie Froggatt added 10 points each. Makenna Crosby scored 4, Elainna Warndorf added 3 and Emmary Wingfield contributed 2 to the score.

Trojans free throw points were made by Warndorf landing three of four, Stephens hitting two of three and Crosby scoring on two of four.

Rivalry match

The Tigers brought their undefeated team to Quincy on Feb. 12 and maintained their streak by beating QHS 53-25.

Baumgartner, Stephens and Froggatt led the Trojans on Feb. 12 against Portola scoring with 6 points each for Quincy. Wingfield put up 3, Brystol Beatley 2 and Kayla Thackeray added a free throw shot for 1 point.

Wingfield sank a nice 3-point long shot even with the tough Tiger pressure. Baumgartner also did well with pressure sinking four of her six free throw shots. Stephens hit two of four chances and Thackeray had the one.

CIF quarterfinals

The Quincy girls drew one of the toughest non-league opponents of the season, neighboring Loyalton, in the first round of playoffs Feb. 21. The team records were very similar leading into the match, 17-10 for the Trojans, and 17-9 for the Grizzlies. But each time the teams met, Loyalton has gone home with the win.

Loyalton beat the Trojans in three December 2019 games, 33-26, 49-29, and 43-28. Technically, that was last year, the Trojans have worked hard and grown as a team.

Trojan boys

The Quincy team beat Biggs in the final league game of the season by a score of 61-50.

The win put the Trojan boys in first place in the Mountain Valley League in front of their rivals, the Portola Tigers.

Quincy finished 9-1 in league and the Tigers ended 8-2. The feather in the Tigers cap is the one loss in the Quincy record. That was a mark left by the Portola Tigers on Feb. 12 as they took the Trojans on the QHS home court by a score of 78-57.

No matter, the first place spot is Trojan territory for 2020.

Trojans 61, Biggs 50

The Quincy fans were treated to a thrilling game for the last home league game of the season. The stands were packed; winning the last game of the season was the cement for the Trojan league title.

The Biggs team grabbed the lead in the first quarter, 16-10, and held it through the half that ended 34-24.

In the third quarter Biggs held tight and gave every indication they thought they would be walking home with the win as they continued to lead, 47-38.

Down by 9 points, the QHS boys fired up and took the game to outscore the Wolverines for the first time in the game, by 20 points! The Trojans held Biggs to just 3 tiny points and leapt across the court to score 23 points.

Cameron Dingel was the top Trojan scorer with over 18 points. Dingel has been consistent all season bulking up the QHS score in every game.

Garrison Dyrr really put the pedal to the medal in the fourth and most important quarter. Dyrr scored 12 points in the game, 9 in the fourth period and two were long shot 3-pointers.

Brady Peay scored a long shot in the fourth quarter. Jonathon Swan scored 3 points, including the final mark on the winning board.

Twenty-three points were credited in general to the Trojans without individual player credit.

CIF quarterfinals After the Biggs victory, the Quincy boys moved on to the second round of CIF Northern Section finals.

Both Quincy and their opponent, the Grizzlies, received a bye in round one.

The Loyalton Grizzly team, along with a whole crew of enthusiastic fans, came to Quincy on Feb. 20 for the challenge, and what a challenge it was! The game was predicted to be close, but it is hard to imagine anyone was prepared for what took place on the Quincy court that night.

The bottom line is the Trojans won the battle that ended 58-55, but that hardly tells the story.

In the fourth quarter alone, starting at 37-37, the teams tied three times and switch leaders four times. The winner of the game was revealed with just 26.7 seconds left in the game after a tie at 41.3 seconds!

The QHS and LHS supporter energy started on high at the opening tip off and continued to escalate through the game. High School snack bars might consider adding ear protection rental or sales to the menu. The game was definitely worth the $8 CIF game entrance fee.

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