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The Trojan wrestling team Nov. 29 while hosting a Dual Meet with Trinity. Photos by Mari Erin Roth

Trojan wrestlers host dual

The Quincy Trojans hosted a dual meet with visiting Wolves from Trinity High School on Nov. 29 in the QHS lower gym. The high school was a hotbed of activity as the annual Quincy Tip Off basketball tournament also kicked off that same day in the upper gym. It happened the same way last year, when the basketball team and the wrestling team met their first opponents on the same day at QHS. The crowd loved it.

A “Dual Meet” is a match between two teams where one wrestler in each weight class is chosen to represent their team in a head-to-head competition. Points are awarded to either team when one of its wrestlers wins a match, and the winner of the meet is determined by whichever team has more points after all weight classes have been contested.

“We had a good day,” said Trojan head wrestling coach Cody Clayton, “and the two teams ended up pretty even.”

Next up for the Quincy Trojan wrestlers will be the annual Modoc Invitational this coming weekend, Dec. 7 and 8, when they will again meet their fellow Plumas County wrestlers from Chester, the Volcanoes.

QHS Coaches and teammates observe during a match at their Dual Meet in Quincy to learn for the coming season.

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