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Senior Harlan Savala passes the ball during the season opener in Greenville with the Trojans Nov. 25. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

Trojans and Indians heat up the court

Trojans win 84-48

The first basketball games of the season took place just before Thanksgiving in Greenville. The rivalry between the home team Indians and visiting Quincy Trojans was a great way to tip things off for a dynamic season.

The Trojans took control in the first period 24-9. The Indians slowed down the Trojan momentum a bit limiting the QHS boys to 17 and added another 9 points to their own score. In the third period the Indians hit their stride matching the Trojans, almost, scoring 16 points to the QHS 18. The Quincy boys picked up steam to finish the final period with 25 more Trojan points and the Indians added 14 for a final score of 84-48 for the first Quincy victory of the season.

Keshawn Johnson coaches the Trojans this season and Ryan Neer will be coaching the Greenville Indians. This will be the first season for both of these men to take the head coaching positions for these teams.

The Quincy boys have seven seniors on their 15-member team. Luis Santos, Brayden McAllister, Johnny Pini and Cameron Dingel return as the elders on the team. Senior Dingel was flying high in the inaugural game and looks intent on making his senior year a stellar Trojan season. He scored 33 points for the Trojans sinking five of the eight 3-pointers he shot. Senior Brayden McAllister landed a pair of baskets for 4 points, and senior Luis Santos sank a free throw and a 2-pointer. Juniors Trevor Jennings, Nick Caiazzo and Jonathon Swan are on the team. Swan added 16 points to the scoreboard sinking four 3-pointers in the mix. It should be a great year.

Sophomores Caden Hendrickson and Kai Hostetter are joined by freshmen Iynell Thomas, Nathan Friden and Garrison Dyrr. Hostetter scored 13 points including a trio of 3-pointers of seven shot. Dyrr also sank one of the two 3-pointers he attempted. Crowds just seem to love the long shots; they really shake things up.

The Trojans currently have 26 games on their schedule plus multiple tournaments.

The Greenville team also has a number of seniors returning this year including Harlan Savala, flying Rodney Meyer, Andrew Putnam, Nick Hampton and Tony Joseph. Juniors Trevor Barr, Garrett Miille and Nick Lal are joined by last year’s freshmen, now sophomores, Dawson Reed and bust out Wade Neer. The Indians currently have 24 games on their schedule including multiple tournaments.

First games of the season can be found printed in the Scores and Schedules section of each week’s Sports Section. The full schedule throughout the season is found online at plumasnews.com/sports-scores-and-schedule/.

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