Truckers bring smiles to a bunch of students

It’s nice to have the opportunity to report a feel-good story, especially when the main characters come from a group that are sometimes maligned in social media posts – truckers.

Quincy resident Chris Curran witnessed the following event yesterday, Aud. 23, and with his permission we are sharing what he saw.

Curran was following a local truck (Gordon Peard Trucking) down Lee Road headed toward the Pioneer campus of Quincy Elementary School and another truck, from Graeagle Land and Water, was coming toward the Peard truck. As the trucks neared each other, a ball got loose from kids on the playground and went bouncing across the road between the two trucks.

Curran said that both trucks stopped instantly and the driver of the Graeagle truck hopped out of his cab and grabbed the ball before it went into the creek or was run over by another vehicle. He tossed the ball back to the kids and both truck drivers honked their air horns to the kids’ delight before proceeding on their way.


“Seeing how things go around lately with all the negativity of everything, it was refreshing to see two grown men busy about their day hauling their loads, taking a second out of their busy schedules to make the kids so excited by grabbing their ball and giving them all a big honk!” Curran shared in a Plumas County Rants and Raves post. “Good job men!”

When reached for comment he reiterated the importance of sharing such a story. We couldn’t agree more.