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Two FRC cases reported April 1 turned out to be false positives

Feather River College President Kevin Trutna announced this afternoon April 2 that both of the positive COVID test results announced yesterday were determined to be false positive results today from two different laboratories.

The FRC Athletics Department administered 258 COVID tests this week as part of the routine surveillance testing required to participate in athletic practices and games.  Two of the 258 tests were returned with a positive result on Thursday, April 1 and the students were unrelated cases who did not come into contact with eachother.

Upon studying the data, Plumas County Public Health Officer Dr. Mark Satterfield requested that both students be retested to ensure validity of the results. Contact tracing interviews also led to questioning the two positive results. While this has not happened previously with FRC student testing, it is statistically expected to have a few false positive tests given the large number of tests administered over the past few months.

One of the aforementioned students retested locally and the new result came back negative. Thus, confirming a false positive result from testing earlier in the week.  The other student left the area and returned to their home county for isolation where they similarly retested today. These results came back negative as well.

Plumas County Public Health in coordination with the FRC Athletics Department, Student Housing, and Student Services Division, are performing extraordinary efforts to monitor, test, maintain any spread, and educate students for best practices to prevent COVID and its impact.

Upon learning of a positive test result, immediate action is taken to isolate the individual, sanitize, cancel in-person laboratories and practices, and provide follow-up communication and testing for others who were close contact.  FRC would like to thank Dr. Satterfield and the Public Health staff for working with FRC each week as the testing results are returned.

In order to provide timely information, it is the goal of FRC to alert the campus and community in a timely manner for any positive test result and only after the impacted individuals have been contacted.  FRC acknowledges that false positive COVID test results do exist and are a distinct possibility.  Nevertheless, while protecting each individual’s medical situation, FRC also strives to provide timely information to the community given the best information available at the current time.


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