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Unhealthy air quality extends beyond Quincy

Some Graeagle and Portola residents were alarmed yesterday afternoon when their blue skies filled with smoke. Some called this newspaper wondering if there was a fire near. Yes, if one considers Quincy near.

Portola beats Quincy, but probably wishes it didn’t.

The wind shift helped clear Quincy for the first time in days, but the result was felt by its southeast neighbors. Expect more of the same today.

During this morning’s briefing, the Forest Service reports that east winds are expected through the afternoon continuing to move smoke to the west and south. Smoke from the North Complex (Sheep, Bear and Claremont fires) that settled over the area last night is forecast to dissipate this afternoon, but might return  again this evening. Impacts are again seen closet to the fire with Quincy and Susanville continuing to be hardest hit.

What’s happening in Plumas County isn’t unique. Residents across California are seeing their air quality change as winds shift. As more fires are contained, hopefully the air will improve for all residents. Until then health experts recommend staying indoors as much as possible.

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