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Unofficial elections results: Measure B, Edlund post strong numbers

Will Measure B — a bond measure to support a new hospital for the Almanor Basin pass? Who will win the race for Portola City Council? Who will represent Trustee Area 5 on the school board?

Despite being on today’s ballot, the winners won’t be announced tonight. That’s because the Plumas County elections staff must wait to receive all of the postmarked ballots and then process those as well as those that are hand delivered today.

“We will not call any races for Plumas County, nor project any winners this evening, due to the number of ballots that will be received through the mail and signature verification process,” said Clerk/Recorder Marcy DeMartile.

Though it does appear that Seneca Measure B will succeed; Leslie Edlund will retain her seat on the school board, and the city council race is pretty close.

What will be posted tonight are referred to as unofficial final results and here they are for three local contests:

Seneca Measure B:

1,200 Yes votes; and 309 No votes

Plumas Unified School District Trustee Area 5:

Incumbent Leslie Edlund: 812

Challenger Coby Hakalir: 534

Portola City Council (select 2):

Incumbent Phil Oels: 232

Incumbent Bill Powers: 271

Challenger Leah Turner: 266

Voters had until 5 p.m. today to have their ballots postmarked and until 8 p.m. to drop them off at the county courthouse. However, ballots that are turned in late in the day might not be counted because they first must be signature verified.

The report that the elections office released tonight will be the only report released until all of the ballots have been received, signature checked and verified. In addition, a new law now allows voters to remedy their signature – or no signature – on their ballot return envelope for a full eight (8) days after the election. “We notify them of the issue, and give them the opportunity to remedy the issue if they did not include the information initially,” DeMartile said.

In addition, there will be a number of conditional voters to process following election day — voters who were not registered by the Oct. 24 registration cutoff date.

See how Plumas County voted in the local races as well as the ballot measures, state and federal offices, and Supreme Court justices below:

Election Unofficial Final 11-2022

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