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Update on Greenville couple battling coronavirus

By Debra Moore

[email protected]

The last time I talked with Joceyln Cote was late Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 21. The Greenville resident had contracted coronavirus as had her husband, their two adult daughters, a son-in-law and granddaughter.

The couple had received their positive test results the day prior and were experiencing some of the classic symptoms: extreme fatigue, body aches, coughs and impaired sense of taste. Their first symptoms had surfaced about a week prior.

Jocelyn’s life work was spent as a registered nurse; she retired just three years ago at the age of 75. She knew what her family was facing, particularly her husband Ralph, who at 82, had some underlying health conditions. So when his condition worsened Wednesday night she called for help.

Ralph was air lifted to Renown Medical Center in Reno where he is now battling pneumonia and heart failure. And Jocelyn can’t be by his side.

“We have been married for 46 years,” she said, clearly missing him. But no visitors are allowed in and even if they were, Jocelyn is still battling the virus. This morning, Oct. 23, she is still extremely fatigued and in pain. During our last conversation she described the virus as “unlike anything I have ever experienced before,” adding that the body aches were 10 times worse than a normal ache.

She said both of her adult daughters in their 50s are still suffering from their symptoms as well. One daughter lives nearby and the other is staying with her so they are all taking care of one another.

It appears that the family became infected when the couple’s granddaughter visited the weekend of Oct. 10-11 to help her grandparents around the house. She returned to her home in Reno, and a couple of days later, reported she wasn’t feeling well and tested positive for the virus.

Now Joceyln is hopeful that she can return to help take care of the family.

During our last conversation, Jocelyn wanted it known that as a healthcare professional, she and her family were careful with their interactions, and she wants to warn the public that the coronavirus can be there “even when you think everything is OK.”

She reiterated that sentiment again today; noting how quickly life went from “normal” to her husband battling for his life in a hospital more than two hours away.




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