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Vacancy on Seneca Healthcare District board


This notice is to announce a vacancy has occurred on the following board:

Seneca Healthcare District (SHD)

To fill the vacancy of: Ryan Lee – Vice President.

Whose term ends on: 04/01/2023.

The remaining district board members will make an appointment to fill the vacancy created, and the individual will hold office until the next Uniform District Election (UDEL).

In compliance with the Maddy Appointive Registry Act, this appointment can be made on 04/04/2023 or thereafter.

For further information on the qualifications for this position, contact the District Manager or Secretary at: 833-227-3743, ext. 1500.

Dated Posted: 04/04/2023

Signed: /s/ Deborah Housen

Title: Executive Administrative Assistant/Board Clerk

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