Vacant director position for the special districts association

There is a vacancy on the Plumas County Special Districts Association. If you can volunteer, please email Mimi Garner or call her to let her know you can help out as a Director.
The Board meets quarterly in February, May, August and November on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month at 1 p.m. The board meets via Zoom in February.  The Planning Department Conference Room is currently off limits due to Covid.
Notice of meetings and agendas is sent out the week before the meeting  Garner  can be reached at 775-229-3140
The PCSDA Bylaws describe the real purpose of the PCSDA as follows:
(1) To provide an opportunity for special districts to share their concerns and experiences.
(2) To provide a consolidated voice when the need arises to express Special District’s positions to LAFCo, Board of Supervisors and other entities that interact with special district functions.
(3) To inform the public of the role of special districts in Plumas County.
(4) To participate in statewide, regional and local organizations that affect the interests of the special district.
(5) To assist special districts and their boards in operating efficiently and equitably.
(6) To propose constructive means for the improvement and functioning of special districts in Plumas County.