Vaccinations successfully given in Chester, Quincy today for those 75 and older

Despite some scheduling hiccups, those 75 and older who participated in today’s mass vaccinations in Chester and Quincy reported that the process went well.

Public Health spokeswoman Lori Beatley said that 60 were vaccinated in Chester and 80 were vaccinated in Quincy. It’s expected that 60 will be vaccinated in Graeagle tomorrow.

Lake Almanor resident Dale Knutsen shared his experience of receiving the vaccine at Seneca in Chester: “To avoid crowding, people arrived in sequential fashion based on their appointment times. At mid morning, everything was operating smoothly and methodically. Two staff members greeted those arriving, verified identification and appointment status, and helped with the health questionnaire. Several socially-distanced chairs were available inside for those awaiting their shots while a registered nurse and a paramedic administered the vaccine. After receiving their shots, individuals waited the required 15 minutes in another group of separated chairs. Total time from entering the room to exiting the facility was about 30 minutes.”

Captain Brian Campbell of the Peninsula Fire District and Infection Prevention Specialist Stephanie White RN of Seneca Healthcare District assisted Plumas County Public Health Agency in vaccine administration for 75 and older. Photo submitted