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Vaccine rollout continues in Plumas County

By Debra Moore

[email protected]

Last week it was Pfizer and now the Moderna vaccine has arrived in Plumas County.

Public Health Director Andrew Woodruff reports that 200 doses of the Moderna vaccine have been received thus far and are being distributed, with perhaps another 300 to arrive soon. Public Health is working with its hospital partners to ensure that all of those designated t0 receive the vaccine as first priority have access to it.

“We are going to finish the priority groups and make sure that the tiers are followed,” Woodruff said during an interview Dec. 29. The vaccine is being distributed based on need and the ability to vaccinate. For example, JoDee Read, the CEO of Plumas District Hospital, said that her facility asked for 10 vaccines to administer today and received them.

Woodruff said that thus far the focus has been on the hospitals and completing Group 1a, Tier 1. (See chart below). Next week the focus will move on to EMS.

Public Health also is working with employers to determine how to proceed with vaccinations for various groups such as grocery store employees.

“There are so many logistics to be worked out and it’s supply chain dependent,” he added. Nursing Director Tina Venable is in constant contact with the state to determine when and how much vaccine is available for the county.

Woodruff emphasized that Public Health would be following the California Department of Public Health vaccination guidelines. He also emphasized that the process is fluid and subject to change.

“I’m just excited that the process has started,” Woodruff said, and lauded the efforts of his staff at Public Health as well as those at the healthcare districts.

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