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A Chevy Suburban blocks both lanes of Lawrence Street after striking a parked Toyota Tacoma and then rolling over. Traffic was diverted around the incident as the investigation took place and then the vehicle was removed. Photo by Debra Moore

Vehicle rollover blocks Lawrence Street in Quincy Thursday evening


The Words & Music event being held at Patti’s Thunder in Quincy on Thursday evening, May 11, was briefly interrupted when a CHP officer entered and asked if anyone owned two vehicles parked on Lawrence Street slightly east of the café. A Toyota Tacoma had been badly damaged and had been pushed into the Subaru parked directly in front of it. Two attendees exited to view their vehicles and then saw the reason why — a Chevy Suburban was on its side blocking both lanes of the street, after hitting the Toyota sending it into the Subaru.

The CHP plans to release a full report later today, but according to preliminary information shared this morning, James Ballow, 27, of Greenville was driving westbound on Lawrence near the intersection with Bradley when he allowed his Chevy Suburban to drift into the parked Toyota Tacoma, somehow causing the Suburban to roll over.

CHP Officer Matt Delamontoya, who was on patrol, came on the scene immediately after it happened and observed the driver, who was the sole occupant of the vehicle, crawling out from it. According to the CHP, the incident occurred due to Ballow’s intoxication and he was arrested on scene.

No injuries were reported to Ballow. Meadow Valley resident Teri Rust, the owner of the Tacoma, said she was grateful that no was injured during the incident. It was a busy night in the immediate vicinity — with Words & Music as well as a play being held at the West End Theatre across the way. In addition to the CHP,  Quincy Fire, PDH, and a Sheriff’s deputy assisted at the scene.

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  • Everyone here at dramaworks’ West End Theatre wishes to express their relief that no one was hurt during this unfortunate incident! Edie O’Connor

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