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The Argentine Rock Lookout as it looks today. Efforts are underway to restore it. Photo submitted

Volunteers sought to help restore the Argentine Rock Lookout

Submitted by the Argentine Rock Lookout Group

The Argentine Rock Lookout Group is looking for eager helpers as we make progress this season fixing up the old Argentine Rock Forest Fire Lookout.

Everyone in Quincy knows ARLO — it’s a local landmark — most people have been up there at some point to enjoy the view and the history of the old lookout. There are so many stories around Argentine. But time has taken its toll and the building looks a little sad these days. But wouldn’t it be nice to have it repaired and perhaps used as a rental for weekend escapes, or perhaps as a fire lookout again, to keep vigil over American Valley during the peak of the fire season.

The ARLO Group has been together now for two years, carefully planning and preparing for the process of bringing the old lookout back to its former glory. We were awarded a RAC grant from the Forest Service for the cost of some of the repairs – fixing the road with gravel, and replacing the broken staircase that leads up to the first floor of the lookout. Those projects will be worked on by professional contractors this summer.

And there is so much woodworking and painting and such to do! We are going to build a wood staircase for access to the second floor of the lookout. And we would really like to get a new roof on it this year to protect the building. You can help if you have a few skills, or even if you don’t. Many hands make light work! We will be planning a series of work parties through the season to go up there and gradually make progress, step by step.

Through the winter we worked on the Ingalls Lookout which is now located in the Quincy Fairgrounds! A lot of scraping and several days of painting have given it a fresh look. Still more to be done to finish up Ingalls so it will be there to show everyone the history of lookouts on the Plumas for years to come.

If you would like to sign up to do some occasional work parties with us, contact the chairman, Jeff Greef, at [email protected].

Come to our next meeting, Tuesday, May 23, at 6 p.m. at the Mineral Building in the Quincy Fairgrounds. All are welcome.

The Argentine Rock Lookout in the 1950s. Photo submitted



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