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Sign up now to look for snow algae, the bloom casts a pink tone. Photo submitted

Volunteers sought to look for snow algae

The Desert Research Institute is seeking community volunteers in the Sierra Nevada area to look for snow algae, as part of the Living Snow Project.
The Living Snow Project is a partnership with Western Washington University that aims to increase our understanding of where snow algae blooms naturally and the way that algae blooms can affect other environmental factors.

This project is a collaboration between researchers and community members who come across snow algae while recreating in areas with snowpack during the spring and summer. Volunteers can record visual observations using the Living Snow Project app or collect samples of snow algae using a provided kit. Participants are encouraged to take pictures and share them with the Living Snow Project on social media: @living_snow_project (Instagram) or @LivingSnowProj (Twitter).

Volunteers can participate at any point during the season and will have the satisfaction of adding science to the experience of beauty and recreation in the natural spaces of the Sierra Nevada.

Sign up at https://bit.ly/livingsnow2022 or go to: https://wp.wwu.edu/livingsnowproject/ for more information about the Living Snow Project.

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