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Walker Fire finally declared 100 percent

The Walker Fire is contained.

The fire, which broke out Sept. 4, 11 miles east of Taylorsville, burned 54,608 acres and destroyed nine structures, including two cabins.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but it is known to be human caused.

Fire personnel continue to monitor the fire perimeter to ensure that all of the visible smoke is within the interior.

Fire patrol and suppression-repair will continue until completed. To date, fire crews and equipment have accomplished 27 percent of the 75 miles of dozer line, 100 percent of the 14 miles of handline and 73 percent of the 62 miles of road repair.

Resource advisers continue to work with hand crews and equipment during repair operations to help protect natural and cultural resources and to restore the firelines back to their natural condition by pulling topsoil and vegetation into the disturbed areas where the fireline was constructed.

After being under the jurisdiction of a California Incident Management Team 4, and then Level 10 team, management has been returned to the Plumas National Forest.

The fire may continue to smolder and burn in heavier timbered areas well within the containment lines until winter sets in.

At the height of the fire more than 2,000 personnel were assigned to it, with crews battling from the ground and the air.

The Forest Closure Order will remain in effect as many hazards still exist within the fire area including fire weakened trees, rolling materials and poor road conditions.

Hazard tree removal continues along many of the roads and wood chippers are also being utilized to remove brush and slash from the burn area.

The Walker Fire had the distinction of being the state’s largest fire and the number one priority in the nation during its three-week run.

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