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Water and sewage update for Indian Valley: CSD deals with dire situation

By Meg Upton

[email protected]


There are many rumors regarding Indian Valley at the moment as to which entities are doing what. We thought no matter how horrific and dire, getting pertinent information out there about what’s happening with the infrastructure is necessary.

Indian Valley Community Services Director Bob Orange was able to give us a brief rundown of what’s happening in Indian Valley presently and will provide updates as the situation allows.

IVCSD board members (there were four left) all evacuated from the area except for Orange, as he is also on the Indian Valley Fire Department.

On Aug. 6, five services district employees from Paradise and two from Redding — who were veterans of the Camp and Carr Fires — met with Orange and IVCSD employee Don Silva on site in Indian Valley.

“They are helping and guiding us to get our feet back on the ground,” said Orange.

Water and sewage facilities have been completely lost.

“Specifically, lift pumps to get the stuff into the ponds.  We did emergency supply requests to get generators and material needed,” continued Orange.

Orange is doing all things at once—we imagine he is exhausted. Last night his own house and barn were severely threatened by the arm of the Dixie Fire that is in North Arm and Diamond Mountain. His neighbor lost his house and barn.

On Wednesday, Orange will meet with the director of California Office of Emergency Services. He will also be meeting with the Recovery Unit of OES

The IVCSD was able to secure a Type I Engine from OES indefinitely to replace the one lost during the Aug. 4 fire that consumed Greenville. The Type I Engine was brought to Indian Valley from Los Angeles and was put into immediate use.

IVCSD has also been in contact with its insurance company adjusters who released an advanced check of $100,000 to cover emergency costs that are being incurred.

Plumas News will update as we hear more from Orange and the IVCSD.



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