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Water hazards and fishing pressure are both up

Compiled by Mari Erin Roth

Lake Almanor

Lake level is inching up slowly as water temperatures plummet. “We have seen a 15 degree drop in water temperatures over the past three weeks, with temps ranging between 45 and 49 degrees the past two days,” reported John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association on Nov. 14.

Ambient temps ranged from the high 30s with lows approaching single digits. Predictions are for more of the same over the next week with no precipitation in the next seven days. Lows will be in the mid-teens and highs in the 40s. There is minimal snow at lake level with lots of snow on Lassen and surrounding foothills. Scenic!

Beware the hazards

There are a number of navigational hazards scattered around the lake including a large stump just north of the Canyon Dam boat ramp, another off the Rocky Point campground, and two along the East Shore between the snag and the beginning of the houses. “As always exercise caution as the hazards move and can be difficult to see under speed,” advises Crotty.

Fishing was good for Crotty and crew the past two days with a nice mix of browns, bows and even a small mouth thrown in the mix. “We weeded through the little guys to catch a couple of 5-plus pound browns and some red-hot rainbows with one over the 5-pound mark,” said Crotty. “We caught our fish slow trolling plastics and crawlers at 7/10ths to a mile an hour with most of the fish caught in the top 20 feet of the water column. We did catch a few fish right on the surface as we were letting line out. We targeted our efforts from the dam along the East Shore all the way past Dorado fishing in water from 20 to 40 feet deep. I did speak with a few guys that were fast trolling hardware and they picked up some quality fish as well,” said Crotty. There are fish from the tip of the peninsula to Rec II and from Rec I to the A frame as well.

There has been an increase in fishing pressure in the coves around the dam over the past week. Bank fishing has been good at Hamilton Branch. The Canyon Dam boat ramp is open, be careful and take your time, there is not much concrete in the water on the south side of the ramp.



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