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Water issues continue to plague Little Grass Valley Reservoir rec sites

Facilities at Little Grass Valley Reservoir recreation sites continue to be impacted by severely limited water supply.

While the campgrounds remain open, services like flush toilets and the RV dump station and water are closed.  Portable toilets have been brought in at each campground.

Anyone recreating at the site for the remainder of the season should plan on bringing enough water for their trip.  This includes RVs, which should bring water from home or another source.

Over the past week, Feather River Ranger District employees have worked on measures to try to resupply the water system.  Those efforts are not sustainable and the natural regeneration from the spring source is slowed by ongoing drought conditions.

The water system has not been completely shut off and there is still extremely limited water available at Little Beaver, Running Deer and Red Feather Campgrounds.  Water conservation in these areas is critical to help prolong the existing water resources.

These conditions typically occur at the Little Grass Valley Reservoir recreation sites as the water system is stressed mid to late summer.  The temporary measures taken are allowing campgrounds to remain open.

District employees are continuing to work on identifying additional short- and long-term solutions.  More information will be shared as solutions solidify.

“We are happy to be able to keep the campgrounds and facilities open at Little Grass Valley Reservoir,” said Feather River District Ranger Dave Brillenz.  “Little Grass Valley Reservoir is a great place to get away from the heat of the valley and an important part of the community of La Porte and our employees have done a great job keeping it open for area residents and visitors to enjoy.”

The Little Grass Valley dump station and water are closed.  The Wyandotte dump station is still available.  Water conservation is still critical at this site.

If using the recreation facilities at Little Grass Valley Reservoir, faucets should only be used for brief periods of time and be completely turned off between uses.

If leaks or water problems are observed at the campgrounds, please contact the Feather River Ranger District at 530-534-6500.

For more information on the Plumas National Forest, visit www.fs.usda.gov/plumas, follow the forest on Twitter @USFSPlumas or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/USFSPlumas.


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